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  1. thickobee

    Potential problems driving to the new Stadium

    I did the library for many years and when that was scuppered the health centre for a fiver. Waterman’s and the new Morrison’s seem like a good option.
  2. thickobee

    Final Score Rotherham 0 - 2 Bees (Forss, Toney(p))

    Just checked settings. I was on ‘away’. Switched to ‘home. Sorted!
  3. thickobee

    Final Score Rotherham 0 - 2 Bees (Forss, Toney(p))

    Any ifollow video commentary anyone?
  4. thickobee

    Final Score Rotherham 0 - 2 Bees (Forss, Toney(p))

    Not convinced that Toney/Forss combo is right but happy to be proved wrong.
  5. thickobee

    Diego Maradona

    Minutes silence for that ****. Disgraceful!
  6. thickobee

    Ivan Toney - Signs to June 2025

    Saw him on SoccerAM. Was impressed with his personality.
  7. thickobee

    Things you miss about going to Brentford....

    Miss this, as so many do. Will also miss admiring the topiary whale in Clifden Rd in its Xmas finery. I go on my own and don’t know anyone else. Exchange a few pleasantries with the people around me. Don’t have a drink due to a weak bladder so all in all it’s a lonely trip but one I love. I...
  8. thickobee

    Final Score Bees 0 - 0 Middlesbro

    Goode injured? Must be a late one.
  9. thickobee

    Final Score Bees 1 - 1 Swansea (Toney)

    Will someone get bigger shorts for Goode at half-time please. In danger of embarrassing himself 😱
  10. thickobee

    Ivan Toney - Signs to June 2025

    Please. Please don’t say that!😱
  11. thickobee

    Issues with the iPhone BFC App

    Yes. I have issues also with the videos and have to rely on FB or News Now to see them. Mentioned elsewhere that the best part of completing the first game was that reference to the Fulham defeat was finally removed. 😱
  12. thickobee

    Final Score Sheff Wed 1 - 2 Brentford (Toney (2))

    On this occasion you may have to!
  13. thickobee

    GONE Said Benrahma

    EJ Thribb!?
  14. thickobee

    Zach Birse

    How do you do it Beat? 👏👏
  15. thickobee

    International Break Friendly

    Just watched a couple of minutes of that. Don’t know which is which team. Bizarre language 😱
  16. thickobee

    Team v Millwall

    Yes but you’ll need to pay a tenner.
  17. thickobee

    Club's Offer to Premium Seats Holders and Season Tickets Holders

    That’s one feature of the new GPG that has changed. Don’t recall that word being used before?😷😱
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