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  1. Alex

    New posts button

    Please could we have a new posts button at the bottom of the page as well as the top on the mobile version of the site? Could go in place of the word top as there is a top button on every post anyway. When viewing on a phone it would make it much easier than having to go back to the top to press...
  2. Alex

    Lost iPod touch

    Hi Hoping the mods don't mind me putting this here, hoping it will get more views. My son lost his ipod touch somewhere between the Griffin and the paddock today. If any kind soul has found it and wants to make an 8 year old boy very happy please get in touch.
  3. Alex

    Birmingham reports & reaction

    In here.
  4. Alex

    Orient Reports & Reactions

    In here
  5. Alex

    Two train tickets to Tranmere available

    08:05 out of Euston 20:10 back cost me £50 so looking to cover costs if poss. PM me if you're interested. Alex
  6. Alex


    Started a new job last week. Tried today to get on the GPG and it's blocked by the company firewall. Says it is related to computer games. :cry:
  7. Alex

    Fixtures released

    The 06/07 fixtures were revealed on the 22/6/06 Brentford will face Blackpool at home on the first day of the new season (August 5th). The rest of the fixtures can be seen here.
  8. Alex

    Martin for Millwall

    well someone else is bound to :fishing:
  9. Alex

    Man of match Vs Rotherham

    Only if you went.
  10. Alex

    Rotherham 2 Bees 2

    Brentford huffed and puffed to gain a point at Millmoor this afternoon. A full match report will follow later, in the meantime you can read other peoples opinions or express your own here and vote for your man of the match here.
  11. Alex

    Rotherham preview

    <img src="" hspace="5" align="left" alt="Rankin scores the winner" height="156" width="248"><div class="quickLinks"><div class="quickLinksHeader">Quick Links</div><ul class="quickLinksList"><li><a href=""...
  12. Alex

    Brentford 1 Bradford 1

    The Bees drew 1 all with Bradford City at Griffin Park this afternoon. A full match report will follow later, in the meantime express your own views and opinions here or make your vote count for the man of the match here.
  13. Alex

    Doncaster: Press conference "Griffin Park too nice a place to play today"

    MA in italics <img src="" hspace="5" align="left"> You're still smiling? Only just. Obviously had a very disappointing performance, we looked tired, we looked heavy legged some good crosses going we had some good bits of play but not as fluent as...
  14. Alex

    Brentford 0 Doncaster 1

    <img src="" hspace="5" align="left" alt="Tabby">A woeful display saw Brentford defeated at Griffin Park this afternoon. A full match report will appear later on, in the meantime get your own feelings off your chest here.
  15. Alex

    Martin on defeat at Swansea

    <img src="" alt="Martin Allen" hspace="10" align="left">It was narrow. It was a great atmosphere and a very competitive game. We gave a good account of ourselves and we had some very good chances in the second half to win that game. We didn’t sit...
  16. Alex

    Gillingham: MATCH POSTPONED

    Today's match versus Gillingham at Priestfield has been postponed due to a frozen pitch. The referee made an inspection earlier this morning and feels that the pitch will not be able to defrost in time for the game.
  17. Alex

    Larry's finest :confused:
  18. Alex

    Five live best manager on a shoestring award.

    Get you nominations in to them get Martin in the shortlist and then vote for him again after 11 if he's in it.
  19. Alex

    Band Aid for Spurs

    It's Christmas time, And Spurs are so afraid, It's Christmas time, They've not many points from games they've played, But in our world of plenty, Jol spreads no smile of joy, Throw your arms around Spurs fans at Christmas time, But say a prayer And pray for the lilywhites At Christmas...
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