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  1. fencer/bee

    Suggestion Anthony Gordon

    would be a great signing , and give him playing time
  2. fencer/bee

    QPR the mediocre club that keeps on giving

    that’s because shay lLogan still loves the bees and asks for match reports
  3. fencer/bee

    What ever happened to Len Bond

    I got one some where , maybe time for a second edition :unsure:
  4. fencer/bee

    What ever happened to Len Bond

    yer Watford W@nker$
  5. fencer/bee

    A Pub On Every Corner | Short Film | Request

    great picture, Tony a true Bees Legend
  6. fencer/bee

    An episode from the 1937/38 season...

    I bet it was the Paddock , NB 's granddad probably lobbed a cheeseburger at him
  7. fencer/bee

    Stoke City beam back to Lionel Road

    Watch out that warm feeling could be first signs of incontinence
  8. fencer/bee

    Stoke City beam back to Lionel Road

    I'm going. Its well worth 40 sobs to get away from the wife for a day. COYB
  9. fencer/bee

    Barrow Ticket Stubs - Do They Actually Exist?

    the chuck wagon in the ground was decent , had some boiling hot tomato soup , got some to hold, just to bring life back to my fingers, came with a half a loaf, the toilets were like the black hole of Calcutta , it was aim at the wall ( I think it was the wall ) .. now looking for my stub:idea:
  10. fencer/bee

    Max Haygarth - Brentford B - Initial Loan Until January

    Yes he has got a tricky barnet
  11. fencer/bee

    GONE Said Benrahma

    So its a LOAN for the season , buy him next season .. is this why the spivs hung it out for months, right up to an hour to go, they had no intention of parting with a penny ? .. if they had been up front months ago and asked to LOAN him for a season, i dont think this would have happened
  12. fencer/bee

    Barry Bannan

    I think we should walk away now. We have made two decent bids and both been rejected. The way we do our transfer business has been well documented . Let's stick to our guns.
  13. fencer/bee

    GONE Said Benrahma

    Pfft he needs to up his game mr Push up sits over there
  14. fencer/bee

    GONE Said Benrahma

    The most technically gifted Brentford player in my time supporting the Bees , a real pleasure to watch, but there were times it felt he was playing for himself, ( if you know what i mean )... ie. Free kicks in positions other players were better option, anyway 30m , great business another...
  15. fencer/bee

    GONE Said Benrahma

    The once great west ham that won the world Cup almost single handedly. Now run by spivs with zero class . Bobby would turn in his grave if he could see them now
  16. fencer/bee

    Final Score Bees 3 (Forss, Benrahma(2)) Fulham 0

    no problem , semi 's it is then :owusu:
  17. fencer/bee

    Final Score Bees 3 (Forss, Benrahma(2)) Fulham 0

    Its days like today that really really hurts, :( .. would of been a day off work, full English then get in spoons ( feltham ) early doors , get on it with family and friends, train to Brentford, watch us take the pissssss, in front of a sell out LR crowd, then more beers...
  18. fencer/bee

    Griffin Park - Perimeter Fencing Going Up

    Looks like there is to much talking going on, should have called me , that fence would have been up by now , and the signage on the back of my truck :owusu:
  19. fencer/bee

    SIGNED Vitaly Janelt signs four year contract.

    I’m waiting for the blue “rumour “ box to turn red “all but signed” before I get excited
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