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    Brentford and diversity Not sure if this has been posted yet but saw it in BBC site this morning. Shows the club in excellent light.
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    Tennis match under fraud investigation Interesting one this. Not exactly obvious as the result was very close and not a 6-0 6-0 one.
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    Throw in coach

    An interesting read in yesterday's Grauniad. I remember reading on some thread here how some people noticed we always seemed to waste and lose possession from throw ins. Perhaps we need to look at recruiting someone like this guy...
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    Player escapes police charge for assaulting referee Also think FA ban was lenient. Could playing again before he's thirty.
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    Stoppage time

    Not sure if this deserves a thread of its own but watching Manure Chelsea game and the Bailly injury . This occured virtually on 45 mins and 5 mins added time was displayed. Why is it that a further number of minutes can't be displayed as nobody knew hiw long there was left and first half...
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    Changing password

    How do I change my GPG password . Anybody ? Thanks.
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    Paul Merson

    Not sure if this has been done before but just seen it. Very funny.
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    Aaron Ramsey

    There may be a thread on him somewhere but can't be bothered looking. Watching his interview on SNN last night has he turned into Steve McLaren mk2. He seemed to be putting on an Italian accent certainly didn't sound Welsh. 😁
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    Paul Bence

    Missed his interview with PG on being inducted into the HoF during ht v WBA however there is a nice piece on him written by his son in this month's When Saturday Comes. Always liked him as a player always gave 100% and was a tough hard b.....d but clean with it. Skill wise was never better than...
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    When Saturday Comes

    Two page spread article on the Bees in June's issue.
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    Chris Kirkland

    Interesting story this of an all too familiar scenario that many on here will have experienced or witnessed. I know I have in my family. Glad to see Micky Bennett is helping out and has come along way with his dealings with Joe Allon.
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    Referees sacked

    Interesting bit of news on two of our favourite refs. No details given though.
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    Alastair Cook

    Has resigned as England test captain
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    David Button

    We obviously saw them coming:)
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    Gary Johnson

    The latest abuse victim to reveal his story and was paid by the scumbags at Chelsea to keep quiet it seems. I'm pretty sure it's the same Gary Johnson who later signed for us Mid to late 70's. Scored a couple for us IIRC but never hit the heights.
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    Serbia V Austria

    Watched most of this game tonight on the 'red button'. Very entertaining but quite disturbed at the fact that every time Alaba got the ball the crowd started booing him throughout the match. I'm not sure whether I heard any monkey chants mixed in but not sure why he was singled out was it...
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    Jurgen Klopp

    I kinda like the guy but how embarrasing was that holding hands a waving to the crowd after scraping a draw with a crap perfromance against a mediocre WBA side. I know it's a very continental way of celbrating with the fans after a good result but.....?
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    BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2015

    Shortlist just announced,usual collection of obvious same olds, never heard of's and zero personalities. Surely this event has run its course half of the invited audience always look as though they want to be somewhere else.
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    Jon Toral

    Playing for Arsenal in the Asia Trophy. Won a penalty with a typical run into the box.
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    Home U-21 Development Matches.....

    To be played at the Beveree: Seems like a good number will be played at H&R. Looks like less free admissions at JR but could attract decent crowds if they are evening ko's.
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