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    *** GPG Interview with Thomas Frank - Your Questions by this Friday

    Have you chosen, or made stipulations about, next season’s away kit? Will you demand a 3rd kit, if the 2nd proves as spectacularly unlucky/ useless as ‘Jaffa cake’? What’s the predominant language at Jersey Rd? Is KOC learning Danish? Can you give us a general estimate of the number of new...
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    Matthew Benham 2018 Interview. Done.

    One or the other. You can’t be both a cliff and a hole.
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    2018: NEW Interview with Matthew Benham

    Perhaps not as much as keyboard kissing ars.......
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    2018: NEW Interview with Matthew Benham

    Is the Yellow one allowed to sit in the presence of MB?
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    2018: NEW Interview with Matthew Benham

    I’m tempted to ask “stick or twist?” But I’m not sure I should...
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    2018: NEW Interview with Matthew Benham

    Do you follow, professionally or personally, any other UK team than BFC? If that team, even if another sport, presented itself as an opportunity for sponsorship, investment or ownership, would you/have you been tempted to assist?
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    The Summer 2017 GPG Interview with Dean Smith

    abee used to always threaten us with it! (e.g. "continues for 379 pages".....)
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    A GPG Interview with Dean Smith: Questions

    They do cheese as well? (I won't ask what it's made from...)
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    A GPG Interview with Dean Smith: Questions

    Assuming you're still in charge when LR happens, have you had/ will you expect to have any input to the detail as "first user" & playing staff figurehead? You've visited & used many stadia & must have thoughts on what worked where, or can be improved upon? Would you insist on anything specific...
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    Andy Scott Interview?

    Is this like The Two Ronnies' sketch? You know, the one with the answers preceding the questions. Or, are you referring to the few seconds at the end of our highlights on "The Championship"? (Nothing new, just a brief rehash of his Press Conference.)
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    The second Leroy interview discussion thread

    Now undecided -having previously voted for him to go. As others have said, "nice guy" & all that, but this is the man entrusted with the fortunes of OUR team. Certainly seems as if the staff have tried everything to get them "up" for today's game, and there's some consolation in Crewe's...
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    Interview 1: Your Questions to Martin Allen

    Re: Your questions to Martin Allen Congrats on the 3 points yesterday... Messrs. Peters, Hillier & Palmer have featured periodically on the Subs bench this season; if anyone had had to drop out at he last, who would have replaced them from the Juniors?
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