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    Banana's Sponsored Slim

    Aha! This is the thread I've been waiting for - never mind Transfer Deadline Day! I'll go 50p/lb for you 'nana. Just starting my 6th non-smoking day myself. Good luck.
  2. J


    As has been said, this kind of thing obviously works well in the sticks, promoting brand loyalty amongst the yokels, but I doubt there's any mileage here for us. It must be 20/25 years since the Ealing & Acton was swallowed up, for example. I don't know, but I imagine N & P must have some...
  3. J

    Build a Better Future - New BU Fundraising Scheme

    Strewth! If you get that many, will you need Planning Permission? What "mix" and "bond" will you be using?
  4. J

    Recipe Book

    There is, or was, a dessert called a Brown DERBY...a chocolate donut & ice cream concoction (Wimpy?). -And shouldn't that be HOMBURGer?
  5. J

    Arctic Monkeys To Play GP Stadium (not strictly true yet)

    Wot? You mean it wouldn't be like Cliff & The Shadows in "The Young Ones" then?
  6. J

    Arctic Monkeys To Play GP Stadium (not strictly true yet)

    In the CAFC programme, Elton John tickets (June '06) are now on general sale, but via several ticket agencies, not the club. £75, £60, or £40 strewth!
  7. J

    FAO Fellow Bike Riders

    He least as far as Tescos....
  8. J


    When is the next Internationals week? November? -Try for a mid-week friendly with Chelski where they could field whoever wasn't playing for their country that week/match practice for those of their stars coming back from injury.....Appreciate short timescale & could be scuppered by eg Cup...
  9. J

    Bike Ride

    You'd be pretty lonely though, if everyone else is cycling to GP from Maidenhead, no? :confused:......
  10. J

    Bucket collections total vs Bristol City (Sept 24th)

    Yesterday was the last bucket collection before the deadline. So why on earth were the Salvation Army collecting as well, worthy cause as it is, dividing possible contributions??? Surely they could have postponed their collection for a couple of weeks & maximised their take then??? Still, it's...
  11. J

    9 Days To Go

    I gave up trying to follow all the shenanigans months ago. I just hope the fire ins premiums are up to date, as this lot could make a cods of that too......
  12. J

    '05-'06 Team Desktop Wallpaper

    Cheers fb. Looks great on full screen. Sent a couple of extra texts to BtB...
  13. J

    Brentford FC Wrist Bands

    Will probably have already been confiscated on way into GP for 'possibly being part of the constituents for a catapault'. Is it just a coincidence that this thread appears just as my Posties (both @ home & @ work) have taken to leaving a trail of red rubber bands on the pavement, whereas...
  14. J

    Win a player

    Done.... now 34th out of 84 (includes Scottish clubs). Oh dear, QPHa are No.1!!!!!!!
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