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  1. J

    It was 20 Years ago "Today", the original "GPGers"?

    Poignant to see Opinions5u on this thread. Sadly missed....
  2. J

    Welcome to the New Grapevine

    I can’t sleep for worrying about my low reaction score. What is it? Is it important? Do I contact Experian if it needs fixing?
  3. J

    Welcome to the New Grapevine

    Have the planes stopped falling out of the sky yet?
  4. J


    Might be nicer all round if it was fumigrated first....
  5. J

    A GPG Cull?

    Please don't. Spurs forums may pick & choose their members, but we're still trying to grow our fanbase & the GPG is a valued source of information/gossip & everything else. (The recent Dean Smith interview was excellent). The mainstream has improved with us being in the Championship, but we're...
  6. J

    Most Read Threads

    I recall spending quite a bit of time keeping up with the exploits of 'Keeley from Bromley'! Apparently it only counts as one view, & that was always what I was going to tell Mrs J anyway...
  7. J

    Nothing at all

    Have you checked with the Sorting Office?
  8. J

    GPG Mission Statement

    Now, if it's a Vision you want, then Dream On!
  9. J

    Members visits to "GPG Towers"

    No mention of the Humidor though. Presumably that will still be available to sample? The Pipe won't come otherwise.
  10. J

    Two Smilies Missing

    Can't you get the GPG vet to microchip them? Surely less expense in the long run?
  11. J

    Site News and Views Open Day

    Ooh! Can you say that? There might be young'uns reading. Were Pixels caught on the Merry-Go-Round? If so, I hope there were some anti-bacterial wipes..
  12. J

    Oi Carri Bee Un!!!!

    I'm feeling excluded... tend to use them as I'm scared of using the wrong smiley thingy....Is there a limit per line? Or a membership/subscription fee? (I'm quite flush with ampersands at the moment). No invoices have ever arrived from GPG, & with the introduction of tasers, I'm even more...
  13. J

    Slow as **** tonight

    When my daughter was much younger, and in pre-Broadband days, she would regularly criminalise me by saying "Daddy's broken the Internet again"....
  14. J

    One for the record books?

    So you reckon they're all knocking on a bit now then?
  15. J

    BIG signatures ???????

    No idea, mate. Maybe it's an attack of the 'John Hancocks'.....
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