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    Robin Nicholls - youth team scholar

    He obviously still yearns for red & white stripes...
  2. J

    Said Benrahma

    You’ve forgotten Konsa already?
  3. J

    Mark Warburton

    Good to see Mads has learned his ‘pitch geography’ for a strategic foul. He is a fine specimen now, but needs to beware of forwards randomly pinging off him like free radicals. My main worry before the game was their ability to win/con penalties this season. MW bemoaned that they finished with...
  4. J

    James Tarkowski

    True, but I’d guess an awful lot of us could do with a bit more. As balance, the more comfortable you are, the more likely that other factors, apart from the cash, become prominent to influence the decision.
  5. J

    Jake Bidwell

    Amazingly high up the chart for assists when I looked, a few weeks back...
  6. J

    Danny Parish

    Interesting that both leading scorers (Emmanuel and Parish), came on as subs. Squad management obviously required down the leagues too. It worked though, especially as Halifax finished with 9 men..
  7. J

    Neal Maupay

    Even R5’s reporter said he’s been called in ‘off the naughty step’!
  8. J

    Canice Carroll

    Humbug? Got to give them credit for having a class sponsor too....
  9. J

    Stuart Dallas

    Not yesterday though! Pumped it up into the box for heads and bodies, no one got a touch, and it bounced in before Schmeical could react....
  10. J

    Canice Carroll

    Decent Home ground to play at! They’re describing him as a defender. We seemed to see him as mainly a DM, and he fell a bit short, for whatever reason. Hope it goes well for him.
  11. J

    Neal Maupay

    It is ‘rutting’ season though! A game or two proves a point maybe? Anything more indicates a problem, and noses/faces needing attention...
  12. J

    Ollie Watkins

    That’s awful innit? It’s Ollie as in Owl, not Oli as in Oil.... Did he lose the ‘penalties’ bet?
  13. J

    Romaine Sawyers

    I know this. I just think they could get so much more out of him.
  14. J

    Romaine Sawyers

    You do wonder what other clubs have watched when they sign our players. Whenever I’ve seen him for WBA, it’s like he’s playing in a straitjacket....
  15. J

    Danny Parish

    I suppose firing your team to promotion is one way of getting back into the EFL! (If you can’t join them, beat ‘em!)
  16. J

    Said Benrahma

    Thought as much. I don’t like quoting ox bolls, “but it was in the paper.” (Mrs J’s occasional weekend choice - ‘for the TV’).
  17. J

    Said Benrahma

    Just to say D.Mail today specifically has it as a lung capacity problem. Does he smoke at all? Hubbly-bubbly?
  18. J

    Melvin Minter

    I think he’s trying to set a record, or maybe just addicted to signing contracts?
  19. J

    Said Benrahma

    Fair enough. However I think Baroness Peschidildo & Co are stuck with Wet Sham for another 4(?) years. Probably read it on the interminable SB transfer thread, and something to do with the Stadium.
  20. J

    Daniel Bentley

    Saw it on SSN. Lesson is don’t pass it to a lone kid defender on the edge of your area, when the opposition is pressing high...
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