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  1. CTBee

    My Father Gerry Shaw

    Sorry to hear this. RIP Gerry
  2. CTBee

    Dave Stringer (opinions5u) RIP

    All of this, a great poster on here, RIP Dave.
  3. CTBee

    Joel Spiro - Bees66 - RIP

    As others have said he will be missed on here, condolences to Joel's family and friends. RIP
  4. CTBee

    Jack Keene RIP

    Very sorry to hear this, RIP Jack. Of course we will support with applause in the 17th minute.
  5. CTBee

    Dean Langford RIP

    As per the article above Paul (Dean's dad) has been invited down to the training ground today. I understand that the club are going to present the family with Barbet's shirt from Saturday and Bidwell's shirt from his 200th appearance.
  6. CTBee

    Dean Langford RIP

    Horrible, horrible news. When I found out last week I was in shock and disbelief. Dean was a lovely lad, always smiling, positive and joking about the bees. He went to most home games and a few away as well. His Dad Paul is a proper bee who went everywhere in his youth and my thoughts are with...
  7. CTBee

    Adrian Woods (ade211) RIP

    Very sad news, I will miss his posts. RIP ade.
  8. CTBee

    Louise Marson - My Soulmate - RIP

    So sorry to read this Gary, I hope that somehow you can stay strong. RIP Louise
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