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  1. Garybaldbee

    Another Argyle fan in peace!

    Petition signed. Best wishes to the Greens, it would be a grave blow for Plymouth and the whole West Country if the club is lost.
  2. Garybaldbee

    In....the blue ridge mountians of Virginia

    :imwith: Sometimes people on here are far too precious. That herd mentality, and the rough ride given to many supporters of other clubs who behave in a perfectly civil manner is by far the worst aspect of the GPG. Frankly the treatment meted out to people like Heed Case sometimes makes me...
  3. Garybaldbee

    Nathan Elder

    That hasn't stopped some people writing off Cort........
  4. Garybaldbee

    Football Parking

    Why wouldn't a Norwich supporter just sign up to their own equivelant service? :confused:
  5. Garybaldbee

    Rant from a Dagenham Fanatic

    Thats why I hate this chant, along with its cousin 'We'll Never Play You Again'. I know its meant to be ironic but it is wide open to misinterpretation - I know what I would think of Leeds fans if they sing something similar at GP next season......
  6. Garybaldbee

    Brentford art for sale! ''Bees at Home''

    Billy Manuel probably. The painting still sits proudly in my lounge, despite family objections. The real beauty of it was that it was painted before the Fulham match actually took place (the away fans are on Ealing Road whereas for the match itself they were switched to Brook Road) and well...
  7. Garybaldbee

    A Millers fan embarrasses himself

    This was about the most picturesque view I could find;
  8. Garybaldbee


    Glad to hear about your ticket sales - every penny (or half of every penny in this case) helps the cause. Apart from the regular 5,000 we don't have a big latent support straining at the leash to follow a successful side and, with all due respect, Hartlepool weren't quite the opposition we'd...
  9. Garybaldbee

    London help

    A relaxation of planning regulations to give a special status to sports stadia with some kind of basic presumption in favour of development (if such a thing does not already exist).
  10. Garybaldbee

    New manager with dough?

    No, but in the end it didn't provide Farnborough with any security either, even after the Arsenal cup tie.
  11. Garybaldbee

    New manager with dough?

    Didn't he change the name of Cherrywood Road to the AIMITA Stadium (as in Attittude Is More Important Than Ability)? No Thanks.
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