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  1. CTBee

    Team v Bristol C

  2. CTBee

    Team v Bristol C

    Can't have done, we won that game and Cardiff don't play 'tippy tappy'.
  3. CTBee

    Team v Bristol C

    Those two put their foot in more than Dasilva does. This season: Jensen averages 1.3 tackles per game Marcondes averages 1.2 tackles per game Dasilva averages 0.7 tackles per game Taken from I have full confidence in Jensen and Marcondes starting together on Wednesday night.
  4. CTBee

    Team v Bristol C

    I think that's a myth. Remember the home playoff game against Swansea? Also who would you bring in to make us more 'physical'?
  5. CTBee

    Player that has scored most goals against us

    Cameron Jerome was the first name that popped into my head.
  6. CTBee

    Team for Spurs in the League Cup Semi-Final (05-Jan-21)

    I doubt he's been 'promised' anything
  7. CTBee

    Final Score Cardiff 2-3 Bees (Canós x3)

    Feels like a statement win. Well done bees
  8. CTBee

    Final Score Cardiff 2-3 Bees (Canós x3)

    Shut up now. Can't we just enjoy the win without fans having a pop at each other.
  9. CTBee

    Champagne Moment v Forest (A)

    Fosu celebrating for a good couple of seconds before he realised that he hadn't scored.
  10. CTBee

    Team vs Forest

    Months off in the summer? I think there was 2 weeks between the playoff final defeat and the start of pre-season.
  11. CTBee

    Bees v Blackburn Updates

    Wasn’t a straight red but was a clear second yellow as the Blackburn player has already been booked.
  12. CTBee

    QPR (H) Predictions

    3-1 to us
  13. CTBee

    Final Score Bees 1 - 1 Swansea (Toney)

    I thought he might have been at fault for the goal. Looked like he left the cross when he could have cleared it but hard to tell without the right camera angle.
  14. CTBee

    Final Score Bees 1 - 1 Swansea (Toney)

    Terrible commentary, no understanding of how we play or modern football in general. I hope they never get invited back. Also how many times does Mark Burridge say 'great pass there' when the ball has gone straight to the opposition.
  15. CTBee

    Team vs Coventry

    I’d go with Jensen over Marcondes but agree on the other 10.
  16. CTBee

    Final Score Millwall 1 - 1 Bees (Toney(p))

    I don't understand this 'Millwall are a good side' stuff. They are extremely limited and we are much better than them so why would we take a point? I thought Thompson was poor overall but it is always difficult to come on as a sub in the 2nd min. As a game overall we weren't anywhere near our...
  17. CTBee

    Team v Southampton

    Jensen has only played 5 mins in his proper position this season!
  18. CTBee

    Team vs Wycombe (League cup)

    Raya Goode Jeanvier Pinnock Canos Jensen Marcondes Henry Valencia Toney Fosu
  19. CTBee

    Team vs Wycombe (League cup)

    I read a couple of Northampton fans saying Goode can play right back, perhaps he'll play there? Options at DM are probably Bistrup, Jensen or Baptiste. I think Baptiste is probably the best fit but I don't know if he's fit?
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