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  1. CTBee

    away fans on the gpg ???

    I like away fans on the GPG it adds a different perspective and even if they take the piss we far outnumber them and take the piss out of them a lot more :kingkev:
  2. CTBee

    The Grecians are coming

    I think you will sell out your allocation (around 1900) and it will be a cracking atmosphere possibly over 8000 inside Griffin Park. As for the game of course I want the bees to win as it will all but guarentee us promo, but if you offered me a draw right now I'd take it.
  3. CTBee

    Alright lads

    On a more serious note, I thought the game at their place was one of the poorest of the season. Lets hope we play well on Saturday and hammer the pikies this time. If Grimey can do it anyone can :sorted:
  4. CTBee

    Alright lads

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