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    Champagne moment V Preston

    My daughter lost her wallet in the ground. Panic ! Someone hands it in. Alan Walsh, Ops Manager, checks season ticket database finds me on it with same surname and address as on my daughters driving licence and sees my mobile number on the database. Calls me (whilst being fairly busy being...
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    Super Bees v Villa...updates....

    Did he really say that? Pr**k.
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    Super Bees v Villa...updates....

    So proud to see a Brentford team showing the big clubs in this league how to build a quality squad on a fifth of their budget and the give them a demonstration of exciting entertaining attacking football that their fans can only dream of. Special days to be a Bee.
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    Bees V Fulham Match Reports and Reaction

    Correct. In the paddock, ER end.
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    Bees V Fulham Match Reports and Reaction

    May I add Stoke and Leicester to the various lists.
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    Bees 1 (Watkins) Derby County 1 (FT)

    What a fecking relief. Ridiculous game of football really. Like a playing a cup game against a hard working conference side full of wily old pros with a lot of physicality and nouse. But we couldn't beat them and didn't really create the chances to do so. Frustrating beyond belief. Hard as...
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    Super Bees v Villa.....0-0 final score

    Good point. Well played Bees.
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    Sheffield Utd Reports & Reactions

    Agree with most posts on here. SU seemed to want it more and it was always going to be tough with their crowd and team well up for it on their first game back. Impressed with Dalsgaard. Mokotjo well off the pace but hopefully will adjust in time. Woods best player on the park along with...
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