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    New Car Parks for the New Stadium

    As others have said, it’s all supply and demand. If people don’t pay it prices will come down, if they do prices will stay as is or even go up. ‘Fair’ doesn’t really come into it.
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    Boat for Fulham Away - Cancelled due to Date Change

    You don’t wanna go up Captain !
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    Huddersfield Away - Saturday 18th January

    Do you have to book in advance or is just first come first served ?
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    Preston Away Sat 14th September

    Decent numbers but poor noise. Hold my hands up as one who didn’t contribute much to the atmosphere. All very flat.
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    WCBM stoke sept 21st

    You need a bigger bus 🚌👍👍
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    erm,,,,,,so whos got bolton flu this saturday then ??? lol

    Have got an invite from a local mate to the corporate lounge so selling my soul to join the prawn sandwich brigade. Only there are no prawn sandwiches or anything else for that matter as they haven’t paid the catering suppliers.
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    Swansea(A) FA Cup R5 17th Feb 4pm

    Wow. £10 gets you in the ground and there and back. That’s some deal tbf.
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    SWR strikes

    I come via Euston every home game (that I go to). Green Park to South Ealing has proven the quickest, closely followed by Euston-Vauxhall-Brentford which of course isn’t an option tomorrow. My best time is 50mins including something of a jog down South Ealing Road. Usual time is 60-65 mins so...
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    Leeds away....official no show protest for live tv ??

    I’m as guilty as anyone else but can’t quite get my head around the fact that we take 2,800 there when half way up League 1 and no real prospect of going much higher anytime soon and only 500 when we have our best team in 80 years and a genuine head to head between Championship contenders. Yes...
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    Derby (A): 22nd September

    Are tickets available on the day ? Won’t know until Friday whether I can get there.
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    M6 closed at Junction 10

    You can use the M6 toll to by pass this. That said , M6 is pretty much continuous roadworks (50mph limit) from J12 to J19. Good luck ! ,
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    Blackburn away Sat 25th of august

    Thanks. Will drive up around M60 to avoid M6
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    Blackburn away Sat 25th of august

    Are tickets available on the day ?
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    Rotherham (H)

    Thanks. Also, have bought a first time ST for my daughter. Not received it yet. Presumably I am not the only one ?
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    Rotherham (H)

    Apologies if already covered but re. season tix , am I right that yo just use last seasons card if you have renewed ?
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    Stoke (A): Saturday 11 Aug 2018

    Junction 15. Then about 2-3 miles on A500 dual carriageway. Only 3 mins off the motorway in good traffic but a fair bit more on match day I should think. Gutted on the date as would be my nearest away game (less than 20 miles) but will still be on holiday :(
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    Handy Parking - Pride Park - 3/2/18

    Do you have a postcode to put on the Satnav ? I’m driving across from Cheshire, not up the M1. Thanks.
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    QPR Away - League Cup - 22 August 7:45ko

    So confused. So we are away are we ? It changes every time I log on.
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    Boat to Fulham

    Kings Head ? Has been away only for the last 2 games.
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