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    RIP - Gary Harwood

    Oh, that’s shocking news. Played with Gary back in the Brentford Athletic days and used to see him quite regularly in the Brewery Tap before games. Such a nice unassuming fella who loved The Bees. RIP Gary and condolences to family.
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    Joyce Neate - Brentford FC - RIP

    Sleep tight Joycey. Loved BFC and loved helping BFC fans.
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    R.I.P Graham Marriner

    I was goIng to ask too but always seems a delicate matter. One doesn’t want to be seen to be disrespectful or have morbid interest but at the same time one wants to be able to know if you might have known the person by sight and therefore pay more meaningful respects.
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    Tim Crowe RIP 30/11/1936 - 23/05/2020

    You are blessed to have such cherished memories and your Dad will be so proud to have helped create them for you. RIP Tim.
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    Paul Shrubb - Brentford FC - RIP

    RIP Shrubby. This 17 year old just loved everything about that 78 promotion team and Shrubby was the one who just got on with the job in whatever position he played. A real team player and by all accounts a right good human being. Thoughts with family and close friends.
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    RIP Hamburger Hill / Matt Newman

    That’s so sad. Thoughts with the family and hoping they can get all the support they need at this desperate time. RIP Matt
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    John Lichfield

    So sorry to hear this sad news. Didn’t know John but from Moribee’s heartfelt words obviously a good chap and a true Bee. Rest in Peace John.
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    Blanche Salisbury RIP

    So sorry to hear this Mac. Fond memories of watching FA Cup finals at your house when we were teenagers and your mum being such a cheerful and kind host. RIP Blanche. A lovely lady.
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    Sally McCulloch RIP

    So sorry Andy. Your Brentford family grieves with you.
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    My Father Gerry Shaw

    So sorry to hear this. RIP Gerry. Im sure you will feel his presence at LR
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    Gordon Phillips - Brentford FC - RIP

    Like others on this thread Gordon was keeper in my first season. Very brave and agile. One of my first heroes. I lived two streets down from the shop on Whitestile Road so would often gaze in awe at a real live Brentford player doing ordinary things in an ordinary shop. Different times. Good...
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    Gordon Riddick - Brentford FC - RIP

    RIP Gordon. When I was 12 years old every player who pulled on a Bees shirt was a warrior and a hero. Gordon was one of them.
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    Mark Sangster RIP

    Truly shocked. Way too young. Was he ill or was it sudden ? Caught up with him last year in the KA but not bumped into him since. A true Bee who put himself on the line many times for the cause. RIP
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    Martin Lange RIP

    Sad news. Condolences to his family. RIP
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    Allison Franklin (Nurse Betty) RIP

    Allison, Thank you so much for all that you have done for my club. Sounds like you sadly weren't there at the Preston game to witness the culmination of all your dedication, passion and hard work but rest easy in the knowledge that you helped make 10,000 people very very happy. Wherever this...
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    Tony Ross RIP

    Yep, chatted with Adam yesterday and it is Tony's birthday today. Adam was very emotional afterwards and was quite moved by the fact that everyone in the KA welcomed him and chatted with him like he was there every week despite him not being to a game since last season. I told him that as an...
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    "Big Bill" Benn RIP

    Sounds like you know you have been blessed to have had a great dad and that he will live bright in your memories and in your continued passion for BFC. I am sure he will be your first thought when the TC lifts the L1 trophy in May. RIP Big Bill
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    Ron Jacobs Funeral Collection

    Contribution made a couple of weeks ago by cheque to PG. Have been trying to re-arrange work commitments to get there on Wednesday but it's not going to be possible. Will stop what I'm doing at 3.20 and have a quiet thought for Ron.
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    Ron Jacobs RIP

    A few in the Paddock stood and applauded and also sung 'one Ronnie Jacobs' . Not enough knew what was going on tbh but a decent effort given Wolves had just scored.
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    Ron Jacobs RIP

    Great picture. Taken on a Griffin Park FC end of season boat trip. Probably Ron receiving our 'Supporter of the Year' award which would have been well merited a he regularly made up between 33% and 50% of the crowd. I would have been there and would date it as 1986 or 87.
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