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    FT: Bees 1 - 2 Fulham

    Hopefully that’s the best they’ve got and we have another one or two gears to move into.
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    Bees v Swans final ever GP Champagne Moment

    Thought you weren’t going to watch it ? Glad you did :sorted:
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    Brentford v Swansea 2nd leg predictions.....

    Thought tonight was a step forward after Stoke and Barnsley so optimistic that we can move up another gear on Wednesday and get this done. Will trust TF but feel Fosu has to be a better option than BM at the moment and hope Rico can win appeal and start.
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    We never fail to fail

    A tough tough night to be a Bee. Take a breath all. Reflect on how far we have come. Give the players and management respect for a fantastic season. Thank the owner for building arguably the best run and most progressive football club in England over the last 7-8 years. All we have to do, all we...
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    Barnsley (H) Wed at 19:30 Live on Sky Sports MIX

    I’ve found it on Sky channel 857
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    Barnsley (H) Wed at 19:30 Live on Sky Sports MIX

    Me thinks that Stoke have gotten deep into your psyche !
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    Stoke 1-0 Brentford: Match Reports

    Excellent and accurate summary of how the game went. I guess the big question is, why ? Nerves ? Fatigue ? Tactics ? Selection ? Subs ? Lots for TF and the coaching staff to think about over the next 2 weeks. I’m confident they’ll work it out. Also a lesson for many of us fans. We maybe forgot a...
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    Result: Bees 1 (Watkins) - 0 Preston

    I think I would put this up on the dressing wall on Saturday, Wednesday and play offs if needed.
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    FT: Derby 1 - 3 Bees (Watkins, Benrahma (2))

    Albion must be so fed up with us. Surely the pressure will get to them. Come on Blackburn !
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    iFollow MatchDay Readiness and Troubleshooting

    Was fine until just now. Blank screen
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    FT: Reading 0 - 3 Brentford (Mbuemo, Dasilva, Valencia)

    Love that the Reading crowdies are socially distancing
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    Brentford v WBA champagne moment

    Tidy’s Zoo on Tour flag was on show in Braemar seats
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    FT: Brentford 1 (Watkins) - 0 WBA

    Welcome to the BFC hall of fame Ethan.
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    *** Resumption Fixture List ***

    Yes, that would clearly be ridiculous. Can you imagine thousands of people congregating on London streets during such a pandemic. The police would of course clamp down on it immediately and arrest anyone so blatantly breaking lockdown laws. Wouldn’t they ?
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    Will There be Friendlies before Season Resumption?

    I heard we’ve booked Celtic at GP
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    Leeds's Corner Push on Watkins/Raya

    FFS let it go. We had another 50 mins to score a goal and never came close. As others have said Raya needs to be stronger. No complaints here.
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    Bees v Nottm Forest (H). NOW Tues 28 Jan 2020 7:45pm

    To quote the 13th Duke of Wybourne from The Fast Show.... Are they quite mad ?
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    Fulham (H) Reports and Reaction

    Said similar to my daughter at the time. It was an amazing feeling of togetherness and support for a team that so deserved to win but looked like they needed our help to get find one last surge of energy to get over the line. A very special few minutes on a very special day at a very special...
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