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    Nick Tsaroulla

    Really good goal. Good to see a young man get rewarded for persevering through what seems to have been tough times. Hope he continues to progress.
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    Harlee Dean

    Next stop Charlton or Oxford.
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    Andre Gray

    Everyone’s entitled to make a mistake. Oh, hold on.... And what is it with these oh so contrite apologies. PR advisors copy pasting Rita Ora’s ‘apology’ over the weekend. More than pathetic.
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    Andreas Bjelland

    Good luck tonight Andreas. Once a Bee.... Come on FCC !
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    Kamohelo Mokotjo

    Thanks Kamo. Full respect for the part you played in the recent progress of our club. Best of luck for your next move.
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    Dean Smith

    Just watched his post match interview on BBC. Class act. Gracious to Watford and Bournemouth. Poignant reference to his Dad. I’ve got no feelings for Villa but very pleased for a good football man and a decent human being. More kudos to our no dickheads policy.
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    Romaine Sawyers

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    Neal Maupay

    Just listened to his post match interview. Gotta love him. Once a Bee always a Bee.
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    Shaleum Logan

    One of the first signings when I thought ‘ello, things are changing at BFC’. Never let us down and contributed to building the first platform that has led to so much more. Sounds like he also passed the ‘no d*ickheads’ policy too. I wish him well.
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    Dean Smith

    Thank you Sentient. We are so proud that were able to provide a manager for a big club like Villa. Of course you can have Benrahma. Would you like Maupay too. That would be the icing on the cake for us. Imagine 3 ex-Bees helping put Villa back in their rightful place at the top table of English...
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    Jake Bidwell

    Might prefer a move back to the NW. Blackburn ? Wigan ?
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    Adam Forshaw

    An efficient and effective ‘recycler’ of possession at this level but lacking the killer pass or goal threat. Would see him as a useful squad member for us but wouldn’t put him in ahead of Romaine or Kamo. Similarly wouldn’t see Dallas as a starter for us these days. How things have moved on.
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    Will Grigg

    Who dat ?
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    Will Grigg

    Saville, McGinn
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    Will Grigg

    4 ex-Bees on the pitch at the end for Northern Ireland. Is that a record ????
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    Sam Saunders

    Good Luck Sam. Thanks for your skills, good humour and loyalty. You will always have a welcome at GP. Will WW fans let you xxxx their wives ?
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    Peter Farrell

    Not been to Warri but have spent some time in Nigeria and as NR says it's a real tough place to work or live. Hope the pay cheque is big because he'll earn it. Good luck to him. I wish him well.
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    Jonathan Douglas

    The statistical analysis of our goals scoed post generous receptions to returning former players is the highest in the championship this season. Glad to have played my part. Some people still don't get it.
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    Graham Pearce

    Born and raised in Hamilton Road IIRC
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    Tony Craig

    Thank you TC. A true pro, heart of a lion. You were a major part of our success over the last 2 or 3 years. Good Luck with 'wall. i know I wont be alone applauding you if / when you come back to GP with them.
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