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    Has GP seen its final first team match?

    Those floodlight pylons. Got me 49 and a half years ago when we moved from South London and I walked to the corner of my road (Carlyle Road and Junction Road) and saw them standing proud above the rooftops. That 10 year old was transfixed and so excited to have a real football ground in walking...
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    How are you going to get through May 2nd?(EDIT Last Game at GP)

    Wish I lived close enough. Think I would take my daily exercise walk around the old girl today if I did.
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    Has GP seen its final first team match?

    Looks increasingly likely my last game at GP was Leeds. Like others, I’ll take that. Full house, under the lights, cracking atmosphere. And we were playing one time Champions of Europe !
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    Oldest first ever game

    Yep, definitely frosted type windows along the back where the red and white bits are in your picture. Many of them cracked and/or taped over. The picture must be post 1976 I’d guess.
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