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    Cardiff in the FA Cup fifty years ago

    Who were you lads playing for ? Remember playing against Manor when with Brentford Athletic and Griffin Park FC in the 80’s so may have also played against you.
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    Cardiff in the FA Cup fifty years ago

    Yeh, you could describe him as pale. Thin and very very bald, hence the nickname ‘Curly’. Not a chap.
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    Cardiff in the FA Cup fifty years ago

    Definitely not. I remember being reffed by Curly (usually very badly) and also him being around the BFC scene back in the day and he couldn’t punch his way out of a paper bag.
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    Cardiff in the FA Cup fifty years ago

    I see what you did there.
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    Cardiff in the FA Cup fifty years ago

    I was too young to go but I do remember that for a number of years after as I got to know many Bees a little older than me it was the ultimate ‘I was there’ away trip. Was always envious of those who went although every story (as per this thread) included tales of naughtiness from Cardiff fans.
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    Know what you mean. But always Richard Cadette in the pinstripes 👍
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    Thanks Hayling. Was there a particular reason for the change ?
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    Great stuff. What’s with the yellow in 60-61 ? Did we have a season without red and white stripes ? Well before my time but haven’t heard of that before.
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    Tony Ross Auction

    Jeez, I knew he had a lot of stuff but this runs into the thousands. Would love to have his scrapbooks. Would have ripped the p*ss out of him for having a Reg Matthews (the walker) autographed picture 😁 had we known. Hope they all find a good home and Adam and the rest of the family use the...
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    8th May 1999: Winning the League at Cambridge and The Aftermath

    Your site, your rules, fair enough. But given that a high proportion of posters supported the bees through the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s it would be pretty uninteresting and unrepresentative to airbrush the terrace culture and events from that time from our collective history and memory. The section...
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    Some old pics...

    Thank Spider. Where did you find that ? 8 of that 11 are massive Bees fans and still go now. No Pettefers though. Front row furthest left is a handsome young man ����
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    Some old pics...

    3 brothers. Andy, Chris and Mick in the picture. Played Sunday football with 2 of them. Good lads.
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    Some old pics...

    Love the lone steward in yellow holding back one kid while 50 rush by behind him.
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    60 years ago today

    Favourite away game is still Watford away 1977.Just the adventure getting there and back in one piece. A bunch of 14 years old bunking trains and getting caught, running off and getting chased. We won 1-0 and Paul Priddy saved 2 penalties. Green Line back to Heathrow safe and sound. Was 16...
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    BEES FA Cup 5th Round matches and beyond

    So actually our record attendance ?
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    BEES FA Cup 5th Round matches and beyond

    So not our record attendance after all ?
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    Your First Bees Idol

    The holy trinity of 70’s centre forward greats: O’Mara, Sweetzer, McCulloch. Andy Mac if I had to choose one as have met him a number of times and is an absolute gentleman.
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    Memories of Nights Under the Lights at Griffin Park

    This could be a book never mind a thread ! So many memorable nights appreciated so much more because of all the dross and heartache in between. All the ones mentioned bring back great memories particularly Alf Grey, Jota in the last minute and Newport freight rover. My random one is home to...
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    Royal Oak pictures.

    Palace League Cup game was August 1977. The week Elvis died. As other posters have said, they got chased out of RO onto the pitch and into the NR corner where it all kicked off again. I was just turned 17. Got marched round the perimeter of the pitch by OB and out of the ground. Back in within...
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