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    2020-21 Season Ticket Sales - Progress Updates

    Thanks for the info, but I can’t find any camera icon :confused:
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    Drone September Update: More Seats, More Colours, More Grass.

    My rational head keeps saying get over it, they’re only seats and everything else looks just brilliant. But, they really do look crap.
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    Season Ticket Sales Process at New Stadium

    So you expect to have first choice of seats ahead of those who have held ST longer than you ? Premium seat rules also stating that those who have halfway line seats ar GP will get prioritised. Seems reasonably fair and sensible to me recognising the old adage that you cant please all the people...
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    Week 59: Undersoil Heating Being Installed

    Thanks Mr.D Enjoy the cricket !
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    Drone Week 50: A New Video

    Thank you Droneman. Loving your work and loving how the stadium is progressing.
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    WSA Lionel Road Launch Handout

    Good clear info well communicated and very helpful. . Credit to AF and others for getting off their backsides and launching this. As the saying goes ‘doing stuff, changes stuff’.
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    Drone Week 36: World's Newest Bridge at Brentford

    Thank you Drone man. Quality stuff again and very much appreciated.
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    Drone Week 27: The Video

    Superb stuff. Thank you Mr.Droneman
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    Drone Week 15 Video: The August 2018 Update

    Thank you so much for this. Really brilliant stuff. Just 2 questions: How do you get permission to fly the drone ? Why does this great update not cone from BFC ??
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