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    Gone Elsewhere Jota (Unattached to Alaves)

    Had his contract at villa cancelled. Would we have him back?
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    Women's Euro 2021 Our new stadium chosen to play matches

    Nice little earner for us I would have thought. The final of Euro 2021 will be held at Wembley, while eight other venues were included in England's bid. The other cities and stadiums being used are Brighton & Hove Albion's Amex Stadium, Brentford's Community Stadium, MK Dons' Stadium MK...
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    Home form 4th,Away form 20th

    Why are we so rubbish away???? Home form 1. Sheff Utd 22 14 4 4 40:17 46 2. Norwich 22 14 4 4 49:33 46 3. Leeds 22 14 3 5 37:20 45 4. Brentford 22 13 4 5 47:23 43 5. Derby 22 12 7 3 37:19 43 6. Aston Villa 22 11 8 3 49:34 41 7. West Brom 22 11...
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    My Father Gerry Shaw

    This pic was on his 80th Birthday My Father Gerry Shaw passed away on the 30th of October. Bees fan since the 70's and Season ticket holder for over 25 years. His dream was to watch the Bees in the new stadium,alas is was not to be. Rest in Peace Dad xxx
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    Best seat for my 84 year old Dad.Help please

    My Dad has been a season ticket holder in D block (B304) for years and years. He is struggling to get to his seat these days but isn't disabled. Where would be a good place for him to sit,preferably no steps involved. thanks in advance.
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    How much is our squad worth?

    First offering. No. Position Player worth £ Mil 1 England GK Daniel Bentley 5 3 England DF Rico Henry 8 4 Scotland MF Lewis Macleod 3 5 Denmark DF Andreas Bjelland 0 7 Netherlands MF Florian Jozefzoon...
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    Leeds v Bees predictions

    1-3 to the Bees. Leeds defense with Cooper and de Bock are useless!!! I bet Flo Jo and Ollie are looking forward to this one. Leeds deffo red card in this match. Saiz back will cause us problems though. My lad and I cheering the bees on to Victory!!!!
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    Striking options

    How is it that we only have one recognised striker?.
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    Leeds have a new badge horrible!!!!. fans ain't happy at all.
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    January Transfer Window 2018 Rumours Great player tonight for crusaders sign him up
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    Brentfords wage to turnover joint highest in 2015/16 No surprise really,role on the new stadium.
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    How good is Dele Alli?

    What a player!!!. Only just turned 19 a few weeks ago!. I think he is going to be one of the best in the world.
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    Doncaster Rovers Going Down?

    Lost 4-1 to bottom side Colchester after leading 1 nil. Could be two divisions above them!!!
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    Moses Ademola - Possible signing?
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    Can we all please chill out and be nice to fellow Bees fans!!!!

    We all care very much about our club but tensions are boiling over. Remember one club. God Bless Matthew Benham.
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    Jan Holldack - Brentford B - Signs to June 2018 Looks like the bloke we were taking about last week?
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    Pre Season Training

    Just wondered because the new manager/assistant will want to review what he has sooner rather than later?.
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    Charlton DS v Brentford DS No long or Betty?
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    Nigel Pearson - Manager of Derby Co. After stumbling into Pearson after a fair leicester tackle Person first apperared to strangle him.Then wouldnt let go of his shirt for...
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    Forest v Bees Match Reports

    First back maybe. Great team performance.they played route one to their number 10 which we snuffed out time after time. great football played by us. awesome night to be a bee. 'Should have gone to the fireworks!' Was my favourite song. You beeeeessss.
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