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    Layout Query

    Sorry if this is "off thread" but am I the only one who cannot get their head round this new version of GPG? I found it much easier when we had the thread titles of the most recent threads contributed to on the left rather than the most recent "posters" we have now. Why the dramatic change when...
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    Mark Warburton - Signs a new 1 year rolling contract - June 2015

    Did anybody watch the MW interview on Bees Player today? He spoke about McParland and Weir signing new contracts, but I wasn't sure if he intimated he himself had also signed? Can anybody enlighten us please?
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    Bees Player Account Problems

    Has anyone else had problems with Bees Player on the official web site lately? Last week I tried to get through and was greeted with the message that I did not have an active account. The subscription was purchased as a birthday present for me last September(2011). I emailed Bees Player and...
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    100 years of Brentford update?

    Do you mean in the book published in the late eighties, because I cannot find any reference to this event in my copy. Incidentally, are those that compiled the best ever book of Brentford likely to produce another for the 18 years since? I do believe a lot of money could be raised with a...
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