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    ****COMPULSORY ATTENDANCE **** Fulham(A)

    I have a spare in P6. Will be in Kings Head before game or PM me.
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    Champagne moment V Derby

    Mrs CB's first game for 20 years and telling her ' yeah, its like this most games' Also, meeting legends Andy McC, Jackie Graham, Bobby Ross, Alan Hawley in the hospitality lounge (the only way to get Mrs CB to a game !)
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    ****COMPULSORY ATTENDANCE **** Fulham(A)

    2 bought in P2 as can't get seat for my daughter in official away end. Hey ho.
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    ****COMPULSORY ATTENDANCE **** Fulham(A)

    Have got 1000+ TAP's and waiting for the opportunity to buy 2 so my non-season ticket holding daughter (but very keen Bee when trips home from Uni allow). But it looks like the only way I will ever be able to buy 2 tix is through FFC in P1 or P2. Is that right or will I be able to buy 2 in...
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    Champagne Moment V Burton

    I love away days like today. Proper Old School Brentford away. 100% agree. Would take today's 1500 over the 6k at Chelsea every time. Great catching up with mates of 40 years plus in The Beech and then sharing an amazing second half with true Bees. Loved the old songs in the left hand corner.
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    Burton away ticket wanted thread

    You have enough TAP to get one yourself :confused:
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    Champagne Moment v Chelsea

    White Horse before the game. Plenty of Old Skool Bees and a fair few old skool Chels but all showing respect both ways. Have a drink and a laugh with your mates but no silly chanting or posturing etc. Was in there imagining if this was 1985 what a caper it would have been.
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    3rd Round FA Cup Draw: Eastleigh (H)

    Remember it well. What old gits we are. Not far off 40 years ago. Seem to remember buying plastic baseball bats (or were they caveman clubs ?) from a novelty store on the seafront and then waving them mock aggressively at home fans singing ' hit him on the head....'. You really couldn't make it...
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    Fulham (H) Sat 30th April

    Sun is shining in Cheshire. What a beautiful day to go s**t on the putneys once again. Off to Macc station in 20 mins. Globe or Kings Arms by 12.30. Nice.
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    FT: Bees 1 (Hogan) - 1 Bristol City

    Great to hear the passion of KOC on Beesplayer. A true Bee.
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    Match Latest: Bees 1 (Judge) Derby 3

    Would have preferred they got their heads together 3 months ago to preventt the decline !
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    Match Latest: Bees 1 (Judge) Derby 3

    Would have preferred that they put their heads together 3 months ago to prevent the decline !
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    Bees v Derby Predictions

    On train down from the wet and windy north. Travelling in hope rather than expectation. Bees 1 Rams 3 😥
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    Champagne moment vs Reading

    The worldie goals. Hoff forcing a corner in the last few mins. Sharing a great Bees win with my daughter., brilliant seats right behind the goal. Despite staying in to give players a deserved clap, out of car park and on M4 within 5 mins and home in Cheshire for dinner at 8pm. Great day !
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    Fulham (Away) 12th Dec. - Tickets on Sale 10th November

    What train you on ? I'm on 09.56 from Macc. Any others travelling down from North West on Virgin ?
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