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  1. tellboycy

    How long since you've been to GP (Overseas Bees)

    Bees v Bournemouth 30th September 2000 we won 3 - 2 Andy Scott scored twice and a good friend from my Bashley days, Wade Elliott played for Bournemouth.
  2. tellboycy

    Cypriot Bee Grovsey

    Yep see pm
  3. tellboycy

    Cyprus: Pafos

    Hi there well it has changed a lot, pelicans are not always there, they built a bus shelter at the harbour with a roof which they had to remove because the didn't have permission to put the roof up. Tomb of The Kings Road is a total mess as they have been digging it up for the past two years and...
  4. tellboycy

    Cyprus: Pafos

    Hi Banburybee can't find what channels are showing it on Astra. Best bet is to see if a bar is going to show it and either watch it there or ask them where they are getting their transmission from
  5. tellboycy

    Cyprus: Pafos

    Pafos is the locals way of spelling it
  6. tellboycy

    Cyprus: Pafos

    Excilled here in sunny Pafos for the past 12 years so if you visit give us a shout:)
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