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  1. tellboycy

    Chelsea (A) - Overseas Live TV Details

    Check out Chelsea v Brentford being covered on several stations but may only be available if you live outside the UK. Its worth a look
  2. tellboycy

    Brentford v Owls Updates

    Trying to watch it on the link which is not good but clear enough to see that the penalty incident came from a poor decision from the officials when Jake Bidwell's effort was touched over for our corner. The referee gave a goal kick which led to the penalty incident. No complaints regarding the...
  3. tellboycy

    Mighty Bees v PNE.....2 v 1 final score

    Nothing either in sunny Cyprus
  4. tellboycy

    Mighty Bees v Tractor Boys...updates....

    At last we have lift off Thank You
  5. tellboycy

    Mighty Bees v Tractor Boys...updates....

    No sound in sunny Cyprus. They really do need to sort themselves out, the previews were a big part of the coverage
  6. tellboycy

    Norwich City Away Updates

    Had same problem but was advised to change my browser. Wouldn't work on internet explorer but works lovely jubbly on Google Chrome. Worth a try
  7. tellboycy

    Pre-Season Friendlies 2015/2016

    Thank You Very much for all the updates. Unable to get Bees Player live coverage but interviews work fine. Any suggestions what I amdoing wrong please
  8. tellboycy

    Bees v Charlton live in Australia and round the world

    Live in sunny Cyprus on Sportklub 1 from Serbia via IPTV
  9. tellboycy

    FT: MK Dons 2 Bees 2 (Tarkowski, Donaldson)

    Russell Slade got to MK pretty sharpish sings like he whinges
  10. tellboycy

    Champagne moment V Crawley

    Watching SSN and seeing Sheffield United getting the winner from a penalty. Even better when I found out that the referee was Mike Dean, you beauty.
  11. tellboycy

    Bees v Doncaster....updates....

    I just dont know what to say bloody gutted AGAIN
  12. tellboycy

    Bees v Doncaster....updates....

    The biggest gig of the year and someone decides to use new equipment. Reminds me of when I was a kid and used two tin cans and a piece of string, terrible reception.
  13. tellboycy

    Chelsea v Super Bees Match Reports

    The FA will do nothing about that cowardly tackle as the referee has already taken action, yet again another premiership referee that will always favour a premiership side as his career is in their hands re club marks. In one way it was better it did not happen earlier in the match as we could...
  14. tellboycy

    Chelsea Replay: Ticket Information

    Try it shows all itv & bbc free & can be viewed outside the uk
  15. tellboycy

    Watching the Chelsea replay on telly in Scotland (Edinburgh)

    If you have access to a sky box check out which may help as it shows you how to get other itv regions via other channels.
  16. tellboycy

    Man of the Match v Chelsea (H) - FA Cup - 27.01.13

    Dont get to see the team living in Cyprus but was so proud of them today. Douglas was superb & reminded me of Terry Hurlock at his best. Special mention also to Shay Logan who looked class
  17. tellboycy

    Bees V Chelsea Reports and Reactions

    Cech not in the squad, injured.
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