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  1. tellboycy

    Non-League Clubs in Crisis

    I used to be the PA announcer during the late 90s at Bashley when Jimmy Case was manager as well as being their Press Officer. I will be vey sad to see them go under as they have battled on with little or no money for so long and deserve to survive. Up the Bash Tannoy Terry
  2. tellboycy

    Tonights Torquay game not on TV ?

    Sky Sports 1 red button according to them
  3. tellboycy

    Ben Thatcher

    Having refereed parks football many years ago that tackle would have caused a mass brawl. Without doubt the match would have been abandon as the treatment needed for the injured player would not have been available, the chances are he may well have died. Thatcher should be charged with assault...
  4. tellboycy

    Live streaming footy for £2 per game

    Check out the following which says they are showing Charlton match,no idea if its any good but may be worth a look if you aint got a ticket or like me live outside the uk. Never posted a link before so dont know if it will work.
  5. tellboycy

    Watfords new manager...

    Betty will be pleased.
  6. tellboycy

    wrist bands

    Thought all the players had em left over from holiday last year when they went all inclusive.
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