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  1. CTBee

    Brentford B Team - Reports and Comments from Matches

    But we’ve streamed previous B team games and pre season friendlies?
  2. CTBee

    Season 2017/18 Champagne Moment

    Another moment I really enjoyed was Bentley’s penalty save against Millwall to give us our first home win of the season.
  3. CTBee

    Season 2017/18 Champagne Moment

    Both the Brum and QPR home wins were special. Great scenes when Vibe scored at Reading as well.
  4. CTBee

    Man of the Match versus Hull City (H)

    Made two dreadful errors to lead to the pen, made up for it with the save. Apart from that didn’t have anything to do? Seen him a few times now and I don’t think he’s in the same league as Bentley.
  5. CTBee

    Barnsley match reports and comments

    Disagree with regards to support, thought numbers were good today and noise before the game/when the team came was fantastic. Obviously if you sat somewhere different to me you might have had some whingers near you.
  6. CTBee

    Barnsley match reports and comments

    We started well and bossed the first 10 minutes. After that we were total sh*t for the remaining 80 minutes. Worst performance I’ve seen from us this season.
  7. CTBee

    Brentford vs Barnsley Champagne Moments (Limited Options Available)

    Getting back to the car and finding that the person in front had also left early so we weren’t blocked in.
  8. CTBee

    FT: Barnsley 2 Brentford 0

    Record between the teams?
  9. CTBee

    Team for Barnsley

    Would bring in Kamo for Lewis but keep the 10 others the same if all fit.
  10. CTBee

    Champagne Moment v Ra Ras

    My missus already tells me off for randomly breaking into Brentford chants round the house . . . However for our playoff chances I will step it up even further.
  11. CTBee

    Champagne Moment v Ra Ras

    It was absolutely magic today mate, was so tired at the end of the game lol
  12. CTBee

    Man of the Match v QPR (H) - 21.04.18

    Loads of choices today, thought Sergi had his best game of the season so gone for him.
  13. CTBee

    Champagne Moment v Ra Ras

    The atmosphere was superb today, hey Jude before kick off was a bit special
  14. CTBee

    FT: Bees 2 (Canos, Jozefzoon) QPR 1

    Played superb first half, should be winning 3-0. Somehow it’s 1-1, if we play like that again 2nd half we will win.
  15. CTBee

    Barnsley elephant in the room

    Indeed, focus on tomorrow first.
  16. CTBee

    Team v QPR

    Another tough decision then, Egan and Bjelland or Egan and Mepham or Mepham and Bjelland? I’d definitely play Mepham but not sure about the other one!
  17. CTBee

    Team v QPR

    Why would Smith leave Dalsgaard out? Played very well in the last couple of games hasn’t he?
  18. CTBee

    Team v QPR

    Quite like this. The one question mark for me is Macleod, I think Smith will go with either Yennaris or Mokotjo instead.
  19. CTBee

    QPR (H) 15:00 ko Sat April 21st Confirmed NOT ON TV

    Excellent, reckon it will be over 12k now then.
  20. CTBee

    QPR (H) 15:00 ko Sat April 21st Confirmed NOT ON TV

    Just had a look at availability. Excluding the B300 in Braemar (which is entirely restricted view) there are about 80 tickets left in Braemar. There’s a few more available in New Road, maybe 200 seats in the last two blocks towards the away end. Ealing Road restricted availability. Overall...
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