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  1. CTBee

    Rico: Appeal Successful

    Yes I think it did, changed our energy from nervous to angry and it turns out we play very well angry.
  2. CTBee

    Team vs Swansea (H) PO Semi-Final 2nd Leg

    Played well at Birmingham on his full debut. I think he’s going to be a class player for us who will come into his own next season.
  3. CTBee

    iFollow MatchDay Readiness and Troubleshooting

    I know some have had problems but I tried it for the first time last night and it worked it perfectly
  4. CTBee

    Brentford v WBA champagne moment

    Pinnock's sliding block from Diagana, what a challenge!
  5. CTBee

    iFollow MatchDay Readiness and Troubleshooting

    No commentary for me yet but pictures working well
  6. CTBee

    Will There be Friendlies before Season Resumption?

    Marcondes did start, full team: Sheppard (sub Duncan Turnbull 67 mins); Roerslev, Jeanvier, Racic, Thompson; Marcondes (sub Yearwood 62 mins), Mokotjo (sub Sørensen 73 mins), Baptiste (sub Hammar 73 mins); Žambůrek, Dervişoğlu, Valencia
  7. CTBee

    iFollow and Season Ticket Holders: Troubleshooting etc.

    I think Banana was just trying to help, I think there is an ifollow chat support function, maybe try that? If you truly have given up then I'm more than happy to make use of your code of you'd like to PM it to me :)
  8. CTBee

    Team vs Fulham

    Mokotjo will be ahead of either Zamburek or Valencia I think, otherwise I think you've got it (dependant on who has tested positive of course).
  9. CTBee

    FT: Bees 2-2 Blackburn

    Anyone blaming Raya needs their head tested. Two brilliant saves one on one. Wasn’t even close to being a foul for their pen.
  10. CTBee

    FT: Forest 1 Bees 0

    What stream?
  11. CTBee

    FT: PNE 2 Bees 0

    Not working on Tinter but I guess that’s because ifollow isn’t working.
  12. CTBee

    FT: Charlton 1 v Brentford 0

    Just created a couple of chances, Dalsgaard fluffed his and Ollie had a good shot saved. Benrahma and Kamo on for Racic and Norgaard
  13. CTBee

    FT: Charlton 1 v Brentford 0

    This is depressing
  14. CTBee

    FT: Boro(A) (Boro 0 - 1 Bees (Watkins))

    Where do I find this mate?
  15. CTBee

    Brentford 0-1 Birmingham - Match Reports

    Dean had his arms round him but it would have been very soft.
  16. CTBee

    Team vs Birmingham

    How do we know Maupay is not match fit? Could have played in the BCD friendly against Southampton.
  17. CTBee

    Brentford 1 Bournemouth 3 Att 4190

    It was Norgaard. Raya should have saved it as well.
  18. CTBee

    Wycombe Wanderers (A) (Friendly)

    Is Jeanvier injured at the moment and where is Ogbene? I haven’t seen him feature at all this pre season. Apologies if these questions have already been answered.
  19. CTBee

    Wycombe Wanderers (A) (Friendly)

    Zamburek impressive again, Josh DaSilva showed his quality at points. Clarke and Field looked poor unfortunately.
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