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  1. CTBee

    Nity Raj Video

    Huh, I always thought Nity Raj was a woman.
  2. CTBee

    Can you record or delay ifollow?

    I hope she feels better soon
  3. CTBee

    Keep Calm and Carry On

    Do you have his number?
  4. CTBee

    Bees retain Record

    We won 5 and drew 1 before that Peterborough game so it was actually a 17 game unbeaten run with 14 wins and 3 draws. The best sustained spell of form I can ever remember but if we were to win 10 straight games it might just top it.
  5. CTBee

    Things other teams' fans say about Brentford FC Made me laugh anyway
  6. CTBee

    GPG Supercomputer: ***After Preston(H)***

    I think they were resting players in the last two once they had secured a playoff spot. IIRC they won 10 in a row before that.
  7. CTBee

    GPG Supercomputer: ***After Preston(H)***

    Why do they need to lose 3? Just need Leeds to lose 2 or West Brom to draw one/lose one
  8. CTBee

    GPG Supercomputer: ***After Preston(H)***

    We won the last two games against a poor Reading side and an already relegated Wigan Athletic. Before that I'm pretty sure we had a fairly lengthy winless run so we weren't in great form.
  9. CTBee

    ***Match Ticket Refund Process (NOT SEASON TICKETS)***

    Ok thanks nana. A couple of extracts below from the email I received:
  10. CTBee

    ***Match Ticket Refund Process (NOT SEASON TICKETS)***

    Hobbsy - do you know if we are going to be able to purchase individual matches on ifollow as a member? I’m due £80 in refunds which is not an insignificant amount of money for me as I’m on furlough at the moment so if it works out at £10 per game to purchase access then it’s likely to be better...
  11. CTBee

    Barnsley Tickets - How would you expect tickets to be sold to Members?"

    I’m a member and I’ve got over 3,000 TAPs but I have been a ST holder for the last 9 seasons before this one and done plenty of aways so I expect most members will be lower. To answer the initial question from Banana I think members first with a TAP priority system is the fairest way.
  12. CTBee

    Self generated Crises

    I thought it was going to be about mental health
  13. CTBee

    Fixture cards for last season at Griffin park

    Yes sent out with the season tickets
  14. CTBee

    How many players have made 100 League Appearances since Aug 2014 ???

    After Canos I wonder who has made the most appearances of our current squad. Without checking Watkins would be my guess.
  15. CTBee

    Make ONE unlikely prediction for BEES this season

    We have the best away record in the division
  16. CTBee

    2019/20 Season: New Fixtures announced

    Yes, fingers crossed that a lot of Chelsea home games are moved to Friday/Sunday/Monday as it means more space to breath at Clapham Junction.
  17. CTBee

    2019/20 Season: New Fixtures announced

    We both play at home on the same day
  18. CTBee

    The Times Article (by Henry Winter)

    Could have also meant Canos?
  19. CTBee

    Brentford B WIN Middx Senior Cup (4-0)

    Cheers, one to watch by the sounds of things
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