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  1. CTBee

    Match 58: Brazil v Columbia

    Brilliant game so far
  2. CTBee

    Should Roy Resign?

    I think he is the best man to bring on our young players, he hasn't had enough time to reap the benefits of this strategy yet. don't see what we would achieve by changing our manager now.
  3. CTBee

    Match 18: Australia v Netherlands

    Did anyone else see the England that gave the w***er sign when he was shown on the big screen in the closing minutes of the Italy game?
  4. CTBee

    Match 18: Australia v Netherlands

    Got Australia to concede the most goals in the group stages so hopefully the Dutch will batter them
  5. CTBee

    Rooney versus Uruguay or not

  6. CTBee

    Match 14: USA v Ghana

    Thought Ghana deserved at least at point but think they will lose to the Germans in their next match and be out of the tournament. USA v Portugal is a huge match now.
  7. CTBee

    Match 7 England v Italy 1-2 (sturridge)

    There were several errors in conceding that goal, Welbeck should have tracked the right back, Baines got done easily on the wing and Cahill lost his man in the middle. The BBC post match analysis was rubbish, saying that there was nothing Cahill could do because it was a good cross, well...
  8. CTBee

    The World Cup Thread

  9. CTBee

    England v Peru

    I was feeling quite excited about the World cup, then I read this thread :(
  10. CTBee

    England World Cup squad - Brazil 2014

    Love him or hate him, Jose is not as daft as they come and Chelsea have the best defence in the PL, so he must know something. I would have considered Cole going as a back up to Baines but Baines is our number 1 LB IMO.
  11. CTBee

    England World Cup squad - Brazil 2014

    If Cole is so good why has Jose played a RB out of position all season rather than pick Ashley? Baines is better at every aspect of the game IMO.
  12. CTBee

    England World Cup squad - Brazil 2014

    Were you high when you wrote this?
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