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    Covid and the future of games

    Wow, that’s pretty raw stuff on the H&W video. Brings it home the reality of how difficult it is to control the virus without the resources of PL or perhaps Championship clubs. Doesn’t seem sustainable at National League level and can only see a suspension coming unfortunately. Hopefully won’t...
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    Covid and the future of games

    That’s such good news. 75% lower positive cases from 20% more tests. Hopefully a signal that we’ve turned a corner and talk of shuttting down football will cease.
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    Covid and the future of games

    Understand your frustration. Vaccination will help get us where we all want to be but I think you have to be patient and let the effect that it will have to drive down cases, hospitalisation and deaths to open up football and other aspects of ‘normal’ life. Using it to divide society into...
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    Covid and the future of games

    It might be used by some countries as a condition of entry depending how the pandemic evolves but really can’t see it being used for events etc. You do seem to have a bee in your bonnet on this but I think that (thankfully) you are going to be disappointed. We are not going to have a vax/novax...
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    Covid and the future of games

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    Covid and the future of games

    Do you mean in the next few months or when everyone has had the opportunity to be vaccinated ie, probably towards the end of the year ? If the former...No. Just no. Goes against every principle of ethics and fairness.
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    Covid and the future of games

    Desperately want football to continue but this is pretty mad. Surely they could have regionalised it ?
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    Derby County - Financial Problems

    Most sale contracts will have a clause to protect the buyer from this type of shenanigans ie. the ultimate cash price paid is reduced by any abnormal increase in creditors (which players/staff owed wages will be) between the time the sale is agreed and the actual completion. More likely they are...
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    Covid and the future of games

    Hopefully not. Key difference is the need for international travel so hopefully not an indicator for domestic games. Also pushed by French govt. I think. I wonder if they’ll push for the same for Champions League footy but I suspect UEFA would just carryon without the French teams which is not...
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    Covid and the future of games

    It’s not totally without logic but would, rightly imho, leave anyone who sanctioned it (govt, PL, PFA etc)open to all sorts of accusations of elitism and/or hypocrisy. Also , thin end of the wedge, if footballers why not newsreaders, TV hosts, TV technicians, Facebook staff etc who keep us all...
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    Joey Barton

    A very curt statement by the club. Sounds very dodgy.
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    Covid and the future of games

    Agree with all your points. In today’s papers: Lamela ‘I want to apologise....on reflection I understand the seriousness of my actions....I feel ashamed knowing I’ve let people down’ Lo Celso ‘I want to apologise....I understand the great sacrifices people are making....’ Lanzini ‘ I want to...
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    Covid and the future of games

    I think CT Bee was talking about vaccination whereas you seem to be talking about testing. Don’t think anyone is arguing to stop or reduce testing for elite footballers.
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    Covid and the future of games

    If vaccination became an ‘open market’ then the law of supply and demand would quickly kick in. The production cost would have no bearing on market pricing. There are thousands (if not millions) of people in the UK alone who would happily pay hundreds of pounds and more for a jab that would...
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    Non Brentford Games Attended 2020-21

    Isn’t Spider a chap anymore, or wasn’t he there ?
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    Come on The Blades

    With all due respect Mr.Stander, I think you’ve misjudged how a club specific football fan forum works. It’s for those who have a long standing shared interest/love/experience in their football club and the culture that it creates to share perspectives of that shared interest/love/ experience...
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    Championship Round 20

    I fancy Barnsley to get a result at Swansea. Based on the respective mid week performances anyway.
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    Managerial Moves 2020/21

    Very harsh imo. Just what did they expect from him. Feel sorry for Baggies if they’ve now got 6 months of Allardyce to look forward to. I think I’d rather get relegated.
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    QPR the mediocre club that keeps on giving

    If he was bright enough to work out that the ref was giving decisions on the basis of who shouted loudest then surely he should have just got his back room staff and bench to shout louder. Simples innit Markieboy.
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