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    Champagne Moment vs Oldham

    Has to be the battle of the 'barmy armies'. A good 10 mins of non-stop 'Warburtons Barmy Army' versus their equally non-stop ' Lee Johnsons Barmy Army'. Well done to the Bees lads down the front for getting everbody going. I think we did well to force a draw in this off the pitch...
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    Oldham Reports and Reactions

    Home before 6. Just thawing out. Hard earned 3 points against an Oldham team who were a lot better than their league position suggests. We scored with our first real attack. Great cross by Harry and a power header on the run from Clayton. Rest of the first half Oldham were the better team with...
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    Biggest Away Following

    2415 Bees loud and proud at St.Mary's today. Just got me thinking as to when did we last have so many away and what is our biggest ever away following for a league game. Anfield 1989 we had 8000 but that was the Cup of course. I'm thinking Reading 2001/2. Any other offers ?
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