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    Score Centre 2020 / 2021

    Goalkeepers union thing
  2. J

    General General Transfer Discussion

    Wonder if he's doing his coaching badges. #brentfordbootroom
  3. J

    Final Score Bees 1 - 0 Newcastle (DaSilva)

    Shame no one can see it
  4. J

    Managerial Moves 2020/21

    Just give it to deeney, he can be player, manager and ref.
  5. J

    Tickets Invitations for Blackburn (H)

    Yep, well honed, I take them off, go inside and walk right up to the shelf.
  6. J

    Tickets Invitations for Blackburn (H)

    Hope so. I cant see the pitch without my glasses and my glasses steam up when wearing a mask. I might have to bring 90 minutes worth of food.
  7. J

    Tickets Invitations for Blackburn (H)

    I missed that bit, is that right ? How do you eat and drink ?
  8. J

    Fans Back in Stadiums from Dec 2nd

    I lose sleep over ryan giggs seeing the last game at griffin park and i didnt
  9. J

    Diego Maradona

    Lineker but incredible defending more than a miss
  10. J

    Diego Maradona

    the one at 2-1 when he crosses it
  11. J

    GET VOTING Are You Applying to Go to Reduced Attendance Games?

    is it just me or does this seem a bit smoke and mirrors (again)
  12. J

    GET VOTING Are You Applying to Go to Reduced Attendance Games?

    Was the survey an application for tickets ?
  13. J

    Sporting Anomalies

    A mate's son played for Brechin, they were promoted to the championship in 16/17 via the playoffs having lost more league games than they won. Pl 36, won 15, drew 5, lost 16 In the championship they were on a draw bonus ! Finished bottom Pl 36, won 0, drew 4, lost 32
  14. J

    A Pub On Every Corner | Short Film | Request

    Griffin after Preston
  15. J

    Alan Bennett

    thought Akinde would have got a mention
  16. J

    Community Stadium Playing Surface

    Rugby starts soon Qpr week i think They will train on it before then
  17. J

    Final Score Bees 0 - 0 Middlesbro

    yes, we beat boro last season but it wasn't that type of game. Last season we lost loads 1-0 to Warnock type teams.
  18. J

    Final Score Bees 0 - 0 Middlesbro

    Would have lost that 1 0 last season
  19. J

    Expectations for Season 20/21

    83 points we are 9 up on last year for Hud at home and Shef Wed & Luton away. 1 up on wall away 1 down on Brum away 3 down on preston home 2 down on swansea home 2 down on Fulham/Norwich home net 2 points ahead of last season.
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