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  1. ladbroke

    Gone Elsewhere Jordan Morris (Seattle Sounders FW)

    After seeing the American transfer market thread, thought I'd have a look at some players. Morris is 26, so is not one that we tend to look at, but is an American international, so visa may not be too difficult. He has 10 goals for his country. He is pacey, can play in any of the positions...
  2. ladbroke

    Covid and the future of games

    With many players lately getting tested and receiving positive test results, what are the chances the leagues get postponed again? Arsenal had a player test positive and missed the game at the weekend, Manchester City had 2 on Xmas day and further more in the last 24 hours meaning their game...
  3. ladbroke

    World Cup 2022 UEFA qualification

    Draw currently being made. Denmark in pot 1 so England and Denmark apart - can not play each other. Denmark in Group F. England in Group I. We can get Wales (Pot 2) and any of the Irish or Scotland (pot 3).
  4. ladbroke

    VAR to end?

    Read from a referee charity page (quite a reliable source with premier league referee in the group too and many other professional and former professional refs too).
  5. ladbroke

    Leeds Photos In Ground

    They really are money grabbing idiots. Charging £25, per picture, to get your face on a seat so that it looks "full". Not sure how many they have sold or whether its per game, but that is pathetic. Oh, and someone paid that to get a picture of Osama Bin Laden in there. I mean, credit to...
  6. ladbroke

    Suspicious Email Supposedly from Alan Walsh

    Not even sure of the validity of this email but before I open anything has anyone else received something like this... It's titled Brentford Stadium Payment Proposal.
  7. ladbroke

    Form over the past 2 months

    2 months ago, Brentford were sitting 17th, having won just 2 of their opening 8 games. Fans were calling for Thomas Franks head, not just on here, but on Facebook and Twitter - even in the stands. Not saying they were wrong, but probably a bit premature especially as we go through this every...
  8. ladbroke

    England v Montenegro

    Well, 5-0 with a Kane hattrick before 40 minutes are even up. This is very much a walk in the park.
  9. ladbroke

    B team v Bournemouth?

    Not sure if it were a B team fixture or not but just seen an image on social media where a Brentford side played Bournemouth and finished an incredible scoreline....
  10. ladbroke

    Club Mascots

    We know Patrick Thistle had a bizarre mascot they introduced a few years ago but have Wigan Athletic trumped them?
  11. ladbroke

    New York Hudson Derby

    So, I watched the 2nd half of this match during the night and to be honest it was a good gsme, but one major talking point.... And questions will surely be asked and confirmation requested etc.... New York Red Bulls (NYRB) V New York City (NYC)... Whilst at 1-1, NYRB were on the attack and the...
  12. ladbroke

    Selling Grounds to Bypass FFP (plus who owns GP & LR?)

    Should this be stopped by the EFL? It is, at best, creative accounting. Sell the ground to the owner, or effectively transfer from one company the owner owns to another, and charge minimal, if any, rent. This gives the clubs doing this a large lump sum to hit the transfer market with etc but...
  13. ladbroke

    New Laws 2018/19 - Changes/Additions

    Some debates occurring with the new laws and how teams can bypass and benefit from it.... Someone suggested that Spain were the first to create a wall in front of a wall as now, with 3 or more defending players in a wall, you can now longer have attackers in it - erm, we done it since 2016, if...
  14. ladbroke

    AGF Aarhus v Brentford B

    1 down after 3 minutes.... #BrentfordB Team News XI: Andersson; Titov, Racic, Kirk, Archibald; Coote, Zamburek, Onen; Finnsson, Forss, Majka Streaming LIVE on YouTube now Titov already off, not sure if injured or tactical but we've stepped up since he went off...
  15. ladbroke

    Handmade Charm Jewellery business

    Hi all, I spoke with Banana over PM who has allowed me to advertise this venture my partner and I have started which I want to share with all you lovely people.. We have started a jewellery company, specialising in charm bracelets, necklaces and key rings. We have already ventured out into...
  16. ladbroke

    Game 30: England v Panama

    I know I'm jumping ahead a bit, but with the game at 1pm on Sunday afternoon, im surprised Brentford haven't arranged something for in the Hive and even concourse to watch the game on, have a few drinks etc. Opportunity to sell things from club shop, earn a few quid from the beers.. Seems like...
  17. ladbroke

    Do another local game today

    Not sure what peoples travel arrangements are for getting to Brentford or even what the traffic/parking is like, but has anyone considered a local match (even if it means leaving 15 minutes from the end? In the Combined Counties Premier Division, a game at Bedfont Sports where they are at home...
  18. ladbroke

    League Cup

    With people criticising the League Cup yesterday (mainly on social media and even the BBC website!), do you think it needs a new life sparked into it? Some of the things that were called about it being devalued were the amount of changes teams make (several made a complete 11 changes from their...
  19. ladbroke

    Youssoufa Moukoko - 12 year old Dortmund player

    Apparently he is 12 anyway but has scored 8 goals for their under 17 squad in just 3 games...
  20. ladbroke

    FA inviting leagues to trial new 'Sin-Bin'

    Just to let you all know, the FA are going to start trialling Sin-Bins..... Following the decision of IFAB to permit National Associations the ability to implement Temporary Dismissals (more commonly known as “Sin Bins”) at Grassroots level of the game, The Football Association has agreed to...
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