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    Leicester FA Cup (H) BT Sport Sunday 24 Jan. 2:30pm KO

    .... and the next round of course !
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    Leicester FA Cup (H) BT Sport Sunday 24 Jan. 2:30pm KO

    I am a season ticket holder but iFollow offer from Club for home games may not be renewed. Is BT Sport for one month at £25 worth considering as it would cover the Leicester match and some of our home and away Championship matches? I already have BT Broadband. Advice would be helpful, thank you.
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    Brentford FC - iFollow

    Same for me. Have sent email and await reply.
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    iFollow Codes Have Been Emailed iFollow and Coventry (H)

    Thank you - most helpful I did try on Thursday but with same error message
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    iFollow Codes Have Been Emailed iFollow and Coventry (H)

    Carefully followed procedures but cd not not enter my voucher as kept getting" there was an error" so ended up having to pay £10 When will IFollow sort this problem out?
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    How to Watch HUDDERSFIELD (H) Online

    I did try copy and paste as it has always worked in the past but still shown as invalid.
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    How to Watch HUDDERSFIELD (H) Online

    The ifollow code allocated to me as a ST holder was deemed invalid despite careful typing Ended up having to pay £10 for a pass Did anyone else have same problem? I have send email to IFollow but not holding my breath!
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    FT: Bees 1 - 2 Fulham

    Referee decisions We were unlucky with at least three key referee decisions in last couple of weeks. Pinnock hauled to the ground in penalty area at Stoke, Henry's dismissal at Swansea and two clear sending offs missed yesterday. Makes all the difference! I accept being beaten by better...
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    iFollow MatchDay Readiness and Troubleshooting

    After logging in then perhaps try switching to "Fixtures" where you may find Match Cenre v Reading waiting for you? It does for me!
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    iFollow and Season Ticket Holders: Troubleshooting etc.

    Thank you and I can see the "Video Pass for Season Ticket Holder" Fingers crossed it works tomorrow BW Peter
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    iFollow and Season Ticket Holders: Troubleshooting etc.

    <Did you input the promo code yesterday when you checked the highlights were working?> Yes, now just hope that Banana is right and when I log on tomorrow at 1215..... Regards Peter
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    iFollow and Season Ticket Holders: Troubleshooting etc.

    Thank you Can see the video highlights now but nothing yet about a certain match tomorrow COYB
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    iFollow and Season Ticket Holders: Troubleshooting etc.

    Last night it all seemed to be too easy and I successfully logged on and watched highlights from the Sheffield Wed match. Checked again today but after logging in via BFC home page and copied/pasted promo code I got message that code was not recognized Help please!! Peter
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    Has GP seen its final first team match?

    What follows GP Grapevine? Has any thought been given to the title of the message board when we move to LR?
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    Football Club Finances and Coronavirus (incl Brentford!)

    Perhaps the market is changing? With the oil price collapse the Gulf States owners of Premier League clubs won’t be funding expensive purchases. Nicholas Taleb in his book “The black swan” describes different professions and income levels. Doctors are limited in the number of patients that...
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    FT: Bees 2-2 Blackburn

    Computer prediction Wel the Computer prediction is still for third place Time will tell!
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    Blackburn (H) Tickets - EXCHANGE OPEN

    Tickets available for Blackburn match My ST seat in B305 for tomorrow is still avaiable on exchange together with several others. But you need to have patience to navigate the so called "system" to find it.
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    Brentford 0-1 Nottingham Forest: Match Reports

    Feared the worst when I realised it was same referee as Charlton away earlier this season. On several occasions - once they were 1-0 ahead - one of the Charlton defenders would fall to the ground clutching their head, referee stopped play immediately, long delay for "treatment", ball brought...
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    Fulham (H) Reports and Reaction

    Back to the match! Referee - for a change - was quite good particularly as he did not blow for a foul just because one of the opposition rolled over in agony having lost the ball. Great to see a full ground although it did not match the first match I saw at GP in 1952 ie 30,000 for a midweek...
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