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    Bees v Rotherham (5-1 bees final score!)

    We're top of the league, we're top of the league, we are Brentford fc. We are top of the league
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    Ryan Woods - Signs to June 2020

    More than Swansea want to pay.
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    Game 62: SF2: England v Croatia

    Got home early, on my own,Mrs out. 5 beers later, getting excited, also getting emotional, got a feeling if we do it tonight, might get a little choked, COME ON ENGLAND
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    2018 EFL Championship Team of the Year

    Don't want any of ours to be mentioned, we only have young players who play in a team , no superstars , nobody who would be any good for anybody else.
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    Harlee Dean

    Still a fat , greedy bas****,in a sh** football team
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    Ray Wilkins RIP

    Rip ray
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    Dean Smith - Head Coach - Leaves for Aston Villa

    Well I won't go if he go's, I will support the next one.😉
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    Brentford B Team - Reports and Comments from Matches

    Given a 5 year deal , I think he would.
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    Scott Hogan

    Starting tonight for rep.ireland. is that more money for us ??
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    Chris Mepham

    10 years ago would off gone for 50 grand, I wish I was 15 and had the rest of my life supporting this club, instead 50 and will be supporting this club for the rest of my life.
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    Things other teams' fans say about Brentford FC

    Sorry i get my a and u mixed up sonetimes
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    Chris Mepham

    This is guy is going to be talked about for years, hopefully his fame will come with Brentford, but he will be a premiership within 2years , only problem I have is that he supports them up the rd, but he will forget that soon
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    Ilias Chatzitheodoridis - Brentford B - signs to June 2019

    Thought he was poor at afc and against n county let's hope he gets lots of playing time and comes back near to what was expected
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    Things other teams' fans say about Brentford FC

    And the rest were guys
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    best games to play on a darts board

    Half-ems. You can play as many challenges has you want. Usual ones for example. 3 colours, trebled only, black white black, small number( between the bull and treble) 25 only, bull only, hole in 10(scores 50) you score what you get if you complete each challenge if you fail the challenge you 1/2...
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    Chris Mepham

    Future England player
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    Reading (a) Sat Jan 20th

    2nd time in one of the executive boxes will try and be good this time
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    January Transfer Window 2018 Rumours

    Huddersfield think so 10 million quid.
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    EXCLUSIVE: Lionel Road - The Pictures

    Still can't see a stadium fitting in that area,
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