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  1. tellboycy

    Bees v Middlesbrough - 1964 Match.

    Tanner a bag. free enry to the ground and a programme. We also got paid 7 shillings and sixpence for every tray we sold
  2. tellboycy

    Bees v Middlesbrough - 1964 Match.

    I was there
  3. tellboycy

    Funny Moments of OLD Brentford

    Fearless Fred Rycraft playing against Arsenal in the London Challenge Cup at the Royal Oak End. We were winning the match when the Gunners had a shot which was going well wide of the goal, Fred decided to waste time so went and stood behind the goal line waiting for the ball to go out for a goal...
  4. tellboycy

    If you could relive just ONE bees match

    Exeter City 1 Brentford 7 The most amazing away match I have ever seen us play & thinking as we came away from the match did we really put 7 past Lenny Bond.
  5. tellboycy

    The 89 Cup Run...

    Great memories for me too. Never seen so much rain either,stayed the weekend in Southport And went to Everton v Wimbledon on the sunday. Had the honour of selling the coach tickets after the match v Bury with Sir Peter & Co.
  6. tellboycy

    The worst ever away performance you've seen

    Tranmere away many moons ago lost 6 - 2 on a friday night in pea soup fog in the days of David Court in mid field. Best has to be Exeter away winning 7 - 1.
  7. tellboycy

    Pete Gilham's "Bee Side Discotheque" Thursday Nights

    Thats it poor old Aberdeen Flyer is sitting here crying into his horlicks.:D
  8. tellboycy

    Pete Gilham's "Bee Side Discotheque" Thursday Nights

    lol Close, George Sands was the bouncer and the ladies used to dance whilst the geezers would prop up the bar. It was the in place to be on thursdays way back then as everyone would bring their records along ensuring that we had all the hits at the time. WH Smiths in ealing would lend us the...
  9. tellboycy

    Pete Gilham's "Bee Side Discotheque" Thursday Nights

    Certainly do, I used to place the records on the record player as Pete fronted the Bees Club Disco on thursday nights. Great memories;)
  10. tellboycy

    Best away Experiences?

    For me it has to be winning the league at Cambridge Utd and sitting in the main stand surrounded by cambridge fans,or so I thought cos at the final whistle hundreds of supporters erupted cheering the Bees,magical. The 7 - 1 thrashing of exeter away was pretty special when someone in the crowd...
  11. tellboycy

    Players who have gone on to bigger and better things

    Saw Neil Clement disgrace a brentford shirt down at Bournemouth in a 4-1 thrashing ,he appeared to be a big time charlie and how he has gone on to play in the prem is beyond me.
  12. tellboycy

    Exeter away in '83........where you there??

    Yes I was also there and the ironic thing is that I now live next door but one to the then Exeter manager Brian Godfrey in sunny Pafos Cyprus. Do I love giving him some stick over that, also Lenny Bond was in goal for City and David Crown was on the wing. That will teach them for leaving the...
  13. tellboycy

    Chic Cousin

    I too was at Lincoln with Aberdeen Flyer we did loose 2-0,it was baking hot and as the flyer stated the match was suspended for ages whist Lincoln got another set of goal posts from behind their main stand. Chic stood in the goal and held his hands aloft to show to the referee that the goal was...
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