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  1. Houghton Bee

    Ellis Chapman (Lincoln, Centre Mid) From a link in another thread by Mr Cynical, that looks like the entrance to Jersey Road.....
  2. Houghton Bee

    Joe Adams - Brentford B - signs to June 2022

    Joe Adams signs from Bury.
  3. Houghton Bee

    Gpg Mobile Version Playing Up

    Not sure what's happened but deleted my GPG bookmark on mobile, linked back through Google and the mobile version isnt working correctly, graphics look basic and clicking on threads takes me to the first post with no option to load later posts. If i try to load the full desktop site it tells me...
  4. Houghton Bee

    Chelsea 2-1 Brentford. Division 1 23/10/37

    Brentford lose local derby, attendance 56810 at Stamford Bridge. Brentford presence can be seen in the crowd shots early on. Bonus video, Bill Gorman can be seen from the 6 minute marking...
  5. Houghton Bee

    Brentford 0-2 Leicester. FA Cup R6 26/2/49

    Here we go, more Brentford gold courtesy of Pathe/Reuters. Brentford's record crowd at GP, 38678, squeezes in to watch Brentford once again bottle it in the 6th round of the FA Cup. Great scenes of boys being passed down the Ealing terrace and an early Pittman attempt at crowd entertainment. At...
  6. Houghton Bee

    Brentford 2-0 Manchester United. FA Cup R5 12/02/38

    Brentford reach the 6th round of the FA Cup for the first time by beating Man Utd in front of 27147 at GP. Brief views of the ball in the net and a packed 30s Royal Oak (can't make out the amount of chaps, sadly)...
  7. Houghton Bee

    Brentford 4-0 Manchester United. Division 1 10/10/36

    Brentford relentlessly hump little known (and relegated that season) bunch of northerners. Crowd 28019 at GP. Only one goal was captured or used in this little film...
  8. Houghton Bee

    Brentford 2-1 Arsenal. Divison 1 02/11/35

    Just found some online gold. Bees beat Arsenal 2-1 during their first season in the top flight, crowd is 26330 at Griffin Park.
  9. Houghton Bee

    Manchester City 6 (Six)-1 Brentford. FA Cup R4 23/01/32

    hidden behind Preston v Wolves, Brentford get a drubbing at Maine Road in front of 56190 fans. The action begins at 1 minute 27 seconds.
  10. Houghton Bee

    Nick Tsaroulla - Leaves July 2020

    Nick Tsaroulla signs a one year contract, left back, formerly of Spurs but appears to have been clubless this season?
  11. Houghton Bee

    Brentford 3-4 Wimbledon 24/12/83 courtesy of 'theheavyroller' a short news clip of Brentford's game on Christmas Eve 1983. Att: 6689.
  12. Houghton Bee

    Brentford 2-3 Gillingham 04/02/84 haven't watched with sound on, and it doesn't appear to have been posted on here before. Good views of GP, including a glimpse of the Braemer forecourt and Ealing Road. Attendance 4317.
  13. Houghton Bee

    Fredrik Hammar - Brentford B - Leaves for Akropolis IF

    Fredrik Hammar signs 18 month contract, undisclosed fee.
  14. Houghton Bee

    Manchester United 7-1 Brentford FA Cup R3 14/1/28

    Footage of the historic first meeting between two giants of the English game. Possibly the earliest surviving footage of Brentford in action (or at least the oldest I've found on YouTube!)? Also the potential starting point for Brentford's arsehole going big time when the Pathe etc cameras were...
  15. Houghton Bee

    Iñaki Caña - Goalkeeping Coach - Off to Arsenal?

    Not sure we have an existing thread, couldn't see one on the first couple of forum pages. Anyway, from a link on Brentford Loyal FB page we've signed Spanish Goalkeeping coach Inaki Cana from FC Nordsjaelland for a fee His...
  16. Houghton Bee

    Farnborough Town 0-4 Brentford FA Cup R1 Replay 22/11/95 Extended highlights.
  17. Houghton Bee

    Brentford 0-3 Preston FA Cup R6 5/3/38

    Brentford reach the quarter finals of the FA Cup for the first time and take a shoeing from Preston NE. An at the time record crowd of 37586 crammed into the Fortress Includes a couple of seconds of toddler boxing as well, the sport we all loved in...
  18. Houghton Bee

    Barnsley Away 28/4/18 (Free Coaches - some spaces available)

    Some train fares now available. Engineering work on the East Midlands line somewhere between Bedford and Leicester means no mainline services from St Pancras or Luton ( :( ), otherwise its trains from Kings Cross via Doncaster for just about anyone wanting to get to Yorkshire from London that day.
  19. Houghton Bee

    January Transfer Window - Other Teams

    So.... £75m for Virgil van Dijk to join Liverpool on Jan 1st :eek: The nonsense begins.
  20. Houghton Bee

    David Titov - Leaves July 2020

    David Titov signs contract extension to 30/6/19.
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