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  1. CTBee

    Farewell Griffin Park : Griffin Park Remembered - Top 10s

    Top 10 night games Top 10 atmospheres Top 10 celebrations
  2. CTBee

    Griffin Park - angriest memories

    Chesterfield equaliser was during the great escape not the promotion season. Really thought we were going down after that. I remember being very angry against Birmingham at home when we first got promoted to the championship. Tony Craig got sent off and it seemed like every decision went...
  3. CTBee

    Brentford (or other team) players that went to your school

    It was a few years before I went there but Gareth Southgate went to my primary school.
  4. CTBee

    Six years ago today

    Nothing was worse than the Doncaster game. I remember losing 4-0 every week under Rosenior, getting stuffed 7-0 at Peterborough under Butcher but they don’t even come close to that ball pinging back off of the crossbar.
  5. CTBee

    Cold matches

    MK Dons away when we were sh*t and won 1-0 just edges out the 0-0 at Doncaster for me. Thankfully standing on the Ealing is usually a pretty snug experience and a few degrees warmer inside the stand than it is outside of it.
  6. CTBee

    Your First Bees Idol

    As a very young kid I loved Denny Mundee. Getting a bit older the first player I properly idolised was Paul Evans. Brilliant captain, used to make some cracking sliding tackles and it felt like he scored a screamer every game.
  7. CTBee

    Memories of Nights Under the Lights at Griffin Park

    Yes, well in my head it’s now from at least 25 yards but my memory may be exaggerating.
  8. CTBee

    Memories of Nights Under the Lights at Griffin Park

    Great thread and I agree with the noise against Middlesbrough. Huddersfield in the playoffs when we beat them 2-1 was a special night. Everton in the league cup was also very special. To beat a team with the likes of Baines, Coleman, Arteta, Fellani etc. was pretty unbelievable with the team...
  9. CTBee

    Biggest Disappointment After Signing

    Was he the lad who broke someone’s leg in training?
  10. CTBee

    Biggest Disappointment After Signing

    Jamie Fullerton
  11. CTBee

    Best Celebrated (Brentford) Away Goals

    Yep, daylight robbery by us that day. Was also absolutely freezing.
  12. CTBee

    Best Celebrated (Brentford) Away Goals

    No, read the thread title
  13. CTBee

    Sacked after losing to Brentford

    Was Redfearn sacked at Leeds after we beat them 2-0 at home in our first season in the championship?
  14. CTBee

    Best Ever Bees Comeback??

    Yesterday was the best I've ever seen including that MK at home match.
  15. CTBee

    BFC Chelsea in 2013 vs BFC Chelsea now. How much stronger are we?

    Surely that's 5-5 ;) Also prefer Woods over Toums, especially the 2013 version of Toums.
  16. CTBee


    Are you able to give an account of what actually happened, if you don't mind?
  17. CTBee

    Memorable Goals

    Yeah it was, smashed it in from the edge of the box. Great away day that. Brighton away in the same season was also mental when Ivar scored the winner.
  18. CTBee

    Most Visited Away Club

    Oldham in August is like Bournemouth in January lol
  19. CTBee

    Most Visited Away Club

    Lost my car there after the play off game, took me and a mate about 20 minutes to find it.
  20. CTBee

    Most Visited Away Club

    In a bored moment the other I was thinking about which away team I've been to the most times (whilst watching the bees). The answer is Bournemouth, MK and Brighton (tied with 6 each). It got me thinking about the most visited away club by us in recent times. Where you have watched us most...
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