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  1. Garybaldbee

    Newcastle Away October 15th

    Loved the Brentford quiz question set by the pilot on the 8.50 flight from Heathrow. Slightly bizarre experience.
  2. Garybaldbee

    Newcastle Away October 15th

    Apologies for raising hopes - it seems that I got incredibly lucky logging on this afternoon ;) My total fare was £88.12 for BA1326 outward and BA1337 return. Looking just now though the cheapest I can see on the same web page is £266 :eek: The cheap prices were certainly available all afternoon...
  3. Garybaldbee

    Newcastle Away October 15th

    Flights now looking cheaper than the trains. I've just booked on the 8.50am BA flight from Heathrow, returning at 8.30pm, for £88.
  4. Garybaldbee

    Middlesbrough - Away - Play Off Semi Final - Friday 15th May 7:45 ko

    600 or so Bees on the coaches currently somewhere between Rotherham and Leeds. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Garybaldbee

    Wolves away 28th December - NO TICKETS ON DAY

    Thanks. I was a little concerned whether this would be done automatically, but all is now sorted, fingers crossed.
  6. Garybaldbee

    Wolves away 28th December - NO TICKETS ON DAY

    That's what the website says but the option on the ticketing site simply says 'to collect' and that normally means from BFC. It's not absolutely clear whether, if you order now and use the collect option, the ticket will be set aside for pick up at GP on Thursday or at Wolves on Sunday. I've...
  7. Garybaldbee

    MK Dons Away, Easter Monday 21st April 2014

    We had a ticket allocation of 4,100 for Peterborough - plus a couple of hundred or so who went in the home ends. In any case, that was the last game of the season, win or bust whereas this time round there may be other opportunities to see us go up. It could be Monday. But it could equally be...
  8. Garybaldbee

    Swindon away - 12 April

    The M25 between Guildford and Chertsey is best avoided at the moment too.
  9. Garybaldbee

    Swindon away - 12 April

    Thanks for that. Plans rapidly changed to take the M3 and then cut across to the M4 via the A339. Thank goodness for Google maps!
  10. Garybaldbee

    MK Dons Away, Easter Monday 21st April 2014

    Come on. Nothing against you personally as you were too young to have had another club or to have properly understood at the time what was done to Wimbledon, but based on our game there last season the Franchise's crowds are a complete work of fiction. The attendance was announced as 10,500 and...
  11. Garybaldbee

    Carlisle United - Away - 1st March

    That's what my wife and I are doing. A b&b booked in Windermere for the weekend. Just hope the weather improves, both for the walking and the match. It's forecast to rain pretty much all week.............
  12. Garybaldbee

    Peterborough Away New Years Day

    I'm not certain but it seems as though the terrace is permanently shut these days. Wolves 'only' took 1,666 there at the weekend, which would suggest that is the total away allocation this season.
  13. Garybaldbee

    Port Vale

    Last time I was at Vale Park was in '87. Paul Merson made his debut and we were thumped 4-1 in the dying days of the McClintock era. I got to the ground early and spent ages complaining to a Vale 'fan' that we hadn't managed to score against a striker (Jones I think his name was) who Vale had...
  14. Garybaldbee

    Port Vale

    Either a taxi - it's about 4 or 5 miles - or a connecting train to Longport, which takes 5 minutes and leaves you a 25 minute walk to Vale Park. The trouble is there is only one train an hour to and from Longport so the connections need to work well. You could also get a bus from Stoke station...
  15. Garybaldbee

    Sheff Utd (A)

    We had to go to the main ticket office and queue up with the home fans last season.
  16. Garybaldbee

    Crewe Alex. Away. NOW Wednesday 10th April

    That's very tempting. What time would you be leaving?
  17. Garybaldbee

    Best Away Day memories

    91/2. Heavy fog all the way up the motorway to the midlands, 16,000 at The Hawthorns including more than 2,000 Bees and a typical big game Brentford performance - we didn't show up and lost meekly, 2-0
  18. Garybaldbee

    Southend Away Saturday 5th Jan

    Luton was the 3rd Round.
  19. Garybaldbee

    Bury Away

    :wave: from E1.
  20. Garybaldbee

    Sheffield Utd Away - August 13th

    And I had thought I was escaping from the riff raff by going first class :( :D
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