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  1. Garybaldbee

    FT: Bees 2-0 Leeds (Sawyers, Vibe)

    Just as on so many occasions over the past three years I really do have to pinch myself at the quality of the performance I'm watching from a Brentford side. After 40 years of utterly mediocre route one lower division football these really are the very best of times to be a Bee. We truly...
  2. Garybaldbee

    Rotherham Home Reports and Reaction

    So am I but I still found myself nodding in agreement at most of the match report in question. We were mostly decent and sometimes very good in the first half without ever quite hitting the rythem and tempo of some recent performances, then seemed to lose the forward momentum in the second...
  3. Garybaldbee

    FT: Wigan 2 - 1 Bees (Jota)

    Very poor. Out fought and outplayed through the centre, completely overrun in midfield, Ryan particularly struggling. Could easily be even further behind. They hit the post just before the first and have threatened every time they have driven forward. We haven't had a shot on target, the best...
  4. Garybaldbee

    FAC-R4: Chelsea (A) 28th Jan 3pm

    At home to the lowest ranked team left in the competition please. We aren't a L1 or L2 side looking simply for a chance of a decent payday now. We are a middling to sometimes quite decent Championship team and should be taking the attitude that, with the luck of the draw and playing to our full...
  5. Garybaldbee

    Brentford v Fulham predictions.....

    I'm worried by the law of averages. We are a more than decent side at present, quite capable of beating better teams than Fulham but you are well overdue something against us in the league and I fear that at some point you are going to get a spectacular revenge for all those thumpings dished out...
  6. Garybaldbee

    Brentford v Sheff Wendys Match Thread

    Similar to last week at Rotherham.......but against a much better side capable of taking proper advantage of it. No pace, no energy, no creativity. Slow in thought as well as movement. Poor in possession - I've lost count of the number of times Elder has given the ball away - we are being...
  7. Garybaldbee

    Pre-season Friendlies 2016 - VfL Bochum 13/7/16 19:00ko

    The larger German sides tend not to play their pre season friendlies at their home stadiums. They often use local lower division grounds.
  8. Garybaldbee

    Pre-season Friendlies 2016 - VfL Bochum 13/7/16 19:00ko

    A pedant writes: once. The Netherlands was neutral during WW1.
  9. Garybaldbee

    Brentford vs Forest - Security Checks at Gates so Arrive Early

    A history pedant writes; when did Belgium surrender to anybody other than in 1940 when in doing so they were in the company of half of Europe? Certainly not in the First World War.
  10. Garybaldbee

    Derby v Bees Reports

    Briefly as in in the car on the way home; that was awful. I went with few expectations and even they were not met. 2-0 flattered us. We were wide open at the back, utterly pedestrian, unable to retain possession, toothless going forward, outmuscled everywhere on the pitch and utterly devoid of...
  11. Garybaldbee

    Bees V Sheff Wed match reports

    He may not be but on the few minutes evidence I saw yesterday he will bring the energy, momentum and vision that we currently so desperately lack in midfield. He was more engaged and influential in that time than KK has been all season.
  12. Garybaldbee

    Full Time: Leeds 1 - 1 Bees (Djuricin)

    Unbeaten in 5 against Leeds........
  13. Garybaldbee

    Mighty Bees v Reading..updates....

    It's truly astonishing how far backwards we have gone since last season. The strengths have been dismantled and the weaknesses exacerbated. After an even first 15 mins when we were ok but no more we then imploded. If it wasn't for the woodwork and Button it would be five. Soft defence, non...
  14. Garybaldbee

    Champagne moment v Middlesbrough

    Definitely up for that :sorted:
  15. Garybaldbee

    Champagne moment v Middlesbrough

    Good going WP. We've still got another half an hour to GP on the coaches. It's going to be 4.30am by the time I get home. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Garybaldbee

    Bees v Wigan Champagne moments

    You and me. We both deserved today. I just wished my Louise had been there to share it with me. She would had been so excited for me. The news of Rio Ferdinand's wife added an extra poignancy. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Garybaldbee

    Fulham v Bees Match Reports

    Some more video - 'cheerio', firecracker and general disbelief.
  18. Garybaldbee

    Fulham v Bees Match Reports

    Thanks. I'm getting by - and days like today are a good distraction.
  19. Garybaldbee

    Fulham v Bees Match Reports

    Bees Up, Fulham Down, sung by 6,000;
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