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  1. Garybaldbee

    Griffin Park Old Capacity

    It was definitely open for the Liverpool game because I was standing in the new section of the paddock.
  2. Garybaldbee

    Griffin Park Old Capacity

    You mean the league cup tie in 83/4? The official attendance was 17,859 although I believe quite a lot more got over the turnstiles so it may have been 20,000 plus in reality. Goodness knows what the official capacity of GP was at the time because I remember the club talking about the...
  3. Garybaldbee

    Largest away turn out at Griffin Park

    The crowd that day was 7,443 ( I know, I'm very sad to remember these things)and our normal home turn out that season was around 3,500. Say there were 4,000 Bees there for an attractive game - that makes about 3,500 Swindon fans. I've never seen anything to top the Portsmouth match in 82/3...
  4. Garybaldbee

    Biggest Bees away turn out in league

    The official allocation was 3,000. Goodness knows how many others were, like me, in the home end.
  5. Garybaldbee

    Biggest Bees away turn out in league

    Just over 1,000. The largest away followings that I can recall over the last 40 years, league and cup, are: 6,900 Liverpool (cup) 6,000 Chelsea (cup) 5,100 Charlton (cup - the one under MA) 4,100 Peterborough 4,000 Birmingham (94/5) 3,900 Bristol City (92/3) 3,300 MK (last season) There have...
  6. Garybaldbee

    Biggest Bees away turn out in league

    Spot on - it was 6,900.
  7. Garybaldbee

    The First Ever Brentford FC Match - November 23rd 1889

    At least he spotted the handball by the Kew forward. Honestly though, this cheating and gamesmanship is ruining modern football. It would never have happened back in the (18) '60's. It's about time Lord Kinnaird set up an FA Task Force to look into the problem. What sort of example does it set...
  8. Garybaldbee

    Pre-season 1992/93

    Absolutely. He wasn't really up to the 2nd tier but in the third he was a very decent back up striker. You wouldn't want him leading the line as your main striker but he was capable of filling in very competently.
  9. Garybaldbee

    Memories of Season 1992/93

    I think that was the wettest I have ever been at a match. I made the mistake of entering the ground as soon as the coaches arrived, about an hour before kick off and then had nowhere on that open terrace to shelter from the torrential rain. It was attack against defence in the second half...
  10. Garybaldbee

    F.A. Cup 4th Round – 25th Anniversary of Manchester City victory.

    15,260 from memory with about 3-4,000 Bees.
  11. Garybaldbee

    Bees v Wimbledon Christmas Eve 1983

    The new section of the Braemar Road stand was open by then - I was standing on the paddock. I think it opened in about October that year (was a 2-3 defeat to Gillingham it's first game?).
  12. Garybaldbee

    Coldest you have ever been, watching the team?

    Actually you are right, that Southend game was a contender too. Collymore ripped us apart and Murray Jones hit the post.
  13. Garybaldbee

    Coldest you have ever been, watching the team?

    Huddersfield away in 1989, at their old Leeds Road ground. It was April, our first game after the Hillsbrough disaster and I drove to the match across the M62 in a snowstorm, convinced the game would be off, only to turn off the motorway and find Huddersfield clear of snow but still absolutely...
  14. Garybaldbee

    Bees v Wimbledon Christmas Eve 1983

    That's right. Eric White was quoted as saying that we wanted to revive the tradition of husbands going to the football on Christmas Day whilst the wives cooked the turkey. When would our last Christmas Day fixture have been? Late 50's/early '60's?
  15. Garybaldbee

    Brentford/Fulham/QPR Rivalry

    Thanks very much for spending the time to type all that up Billy. It's a fascinating insight, better than any I've come across before. It's not just Dunnet on the Brentford side who comes out of it badly.
  16. Garybaldbee

    New question for the stattos - Transfer fee records?

    No. That figure was subsequently found to be incorrect.
  17. Garybaldbee

    Best season finale

    True. But as it turned out we would have been safe even without the late winner. In fact there have been a number of final day escapes from relegation. A Tony Funnell goal against Millwall in 1980/81 also springs to mind. And I've got a feeling that we did it again in 83/4. I can remember us...
  18. Garybaldbee

    Best season finale

    Last game of the 90/91 league season - prior to defeat against Tranny in the Play Offs.
  19. Garybaldbee

    Best season finale

    Indeed. But if we do it next Saturday it will be close. This is now effectively a Play Off final and if you count the Reading game on similar lines our record is P3 L3. I'm a great believer in the law of averages so we will win a big promotion finale at some point and it's long overdue. Plus, on...
  20. Garybaldbee

    Football League celebrates 125 years. Your first Brentford game?

    My first game was a 2-0 victory over Exeter at Christmas 1974. Despite the fact that we were close to the bottom of the 4th Division there were still 5,608 in attendance. I was 6 and sat with my Dad (who has himself contributed to this thread) in Braemar Road. All I remember about it is the...
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