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  1. The Pipe

    Sports without fans

    Have to admit that the longer we go on without fans the more I am becoming disinterested, even with Brentford I am becoming ambivalent win lose or draw. To date the only sport that has actually improved without fans is golf. No more mindless chants of “ in the hole” and the lack of Fans means...
  2. The Pipe

    Conditions of PL Financial Support

    I note that the Wolves are circulating round the doors with the proposal from Man City that, if the Premier League were to assist league clubs financially then it should be on the basis that their B teams are allowed to play in the Championship. he argues that this is done successfully in...
  3. The Pipe

    Watford and Bournemouth Considering Suing Hawkeye

    I note that both clubs are taking legal advice regarding the goal that Sheffield Utd scored against Villa which somehow VAR and the camera on the line all missed. Both Michael Oliver and the VAR authorities admitted it was a mistake with the result Villa got an incorrect result. I understand...
  4. The Pipe

    A Farewell to GP from me

    Some 62 years ago my Dad took me to Brentford and my love affair with the club started, a love affair that has stood the test of time, a love affair that has been like a favourite blanket to cuddle up with and an association that has given me new friends, has excited me and caused absolute...
  5. The Pipe


    I notice that the Doctor for both the sky cycling and Britain’s Olympic squad has been answering questions in the GMA’s enquiry into the sport and has finally admitted ordering performance enhancing drugs which were delivered to their HQ and subsequently asking the manufacturing company to send...
  6. The Pipe


    See Cardiff City have admitted serious bullying issues at their Academy following numerous complaints. Seems to be endemic at academies up and down the country and I am sure many more complaints will be forthcoming from parents and youngsters. Lot of the complaints seem to be aimed at ex...
  7. The Pipe

    End of an era

    In November 1957 Dad first took me to Griffin Park, have no idea who we played or what the score was however from that time on I was hooked and must have attended about 90% of home fixtures since then, plus for half a dozen seasons virtually every away game. An integral part of my footballing...
  8. The Pipe

    Golf: US Open

    Watching the early groups start and seemingly this is a bugger of a course, Rory 5 over after 5 !!! Leaders only 1 under. Nice to see them having to play a tough course with some fairly narrow fairways and some very tough rough!!! ( can take 2/3 just to get back on the fairway!!!
  9. The Pipe


    Horrified to hear that TMS won’t be broadcasting the Sri Lankan and W Indian tours, instead Talk ***** will be giving ball by ball commentary led by Daren Gough. Cricket just won’t be the same!!!!!!!!!
  10. The Pipe

    French Ref

    Saw a small part of the Paris St Germaine game on BT this evening where the ref kicked a player after a collision and when the player said something uncomplimentary the ref sent him off!!!!! We complain about our officials but in 61 years of watching the Bees plus other games I have never seen...
  11. The Pipe

    Positive posts

    Seem to recall a thread for positive posts but it seems to have long since vanished. I accept that things off the field are not perfect but I do find it dispiriting to see so many threads used to knock the club: stewarding, marketing and rearranged fixtures to name but 3. Seems we are very...
  12. The Pipe

    Kroenke and new Sports Channel

    I normally don't bother with Talk Sport however this morning they are discussing a new pay per view channel launched in the U.K. This week by Cronke's TV company. £7.60 per month to watch animals being hunted and killed!!!!! Quite how this is allowed on TV is beyond me and as the majority...
  13. The Pipe

    Tax investigation

    Massive HMRC investigation into tax and NI fraud involving 180 police officers, West Ham and Newcastle allegedly being investigated. Could change the promotion positions in the Championship??
  14. The Pipe

    Open letter to Messers Benham and Devlin

    I am putting this on here as I am aware Mr Devlin reads this board and I am sure that MB is also aware of some of the comments: Gentlemen I first started following this great club before either of you were born and am fast approaching 2000 league games, during this time despite all the trials...
  15. The Pipe

    Club's Attitude at Exeter City FC

    Understand that when we went to Exeter in the cup our behaviour as a club was very much Bertie Big B******s according to Steve Perryman. He was I understand very surprised by our attitude, which was very demanding and making it fairly clear we didn't want to be there. I expect this behaviour...
  16. The Pipe


    Not sure if this is in the correct place, if not mods please move it I would just like to thank the guy who found my iPhone today and who, when I phoned it from a stewards phone, answered it saying they were waiting for me to call so it could be returned. Their honesty is really appreciated...
  17. The Pipe

    Mid table finish

    Don't think a promotion thread is apposite at present therefore a mid table obscurity seems a better option Seems that our players are crap, our coach is crap and our DoF's have no idea, on that basis hardly worth my regular 400 mile round trip to watch the home games Now I have seen some real...
  18. The Pipe

    Open Golf

    Have enjoyed watching first couple of days, certainly more relaxing than watching the cricket, however what on earth is going on. Players allowed to start today whilst wind is moving their balls on the putting green R and A May have bowed to TV pressure to allow the start but there are some...
  19. The Pipe


    See the only property in the way if their new stadium development caught fire last night!!! Now I am not cynical by nature but how convenient!!!
  20. The Pipe

    Andy Carrols red card

    Horrified to see what West Ham have been trying to do regarding the red card, if this goes to the High Court then I fear there will be major problems ahead for football in the Uk as any team that reckons they might have a chance will take matters to the courts Could end up with all promotions...
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