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  1. Hakonen_72

    Luton Town Ticket News ***SOLD OUT***

    ON SALE DATES Season Ticket Holders with 3500+ TAPs: Tuesday 4 February, 1pm – One per person Season Ticket Holders with 2500+ TAPs: Wednesday 5 February, 1pm – One per person subject to availability All Season Ticket Holders: Thursday 6 February, 1pm - One per person subject to availability...
  2. Hakonen_72

    New Laws of football for Season 2019/2020

    Did not find another thread with this subject. I think that especially the new substitution-rule could be really good way to speed up the game. Also the goal kick-rule sounds interesting and may cause some changes in tactical approach. Dropped ball If play is stopped inside the penalty area...
  3. Hakonen_72

    Bees fans Finland

    After being a Brentford fan for two seasons, decided to join the Griffin Park Grapevine-forum. After two seasons and seeing eight matches at Griffin Park (and some more from TV here in Finland), I am wondering if there are any other Bees fans from Finland? Eagerly waiting for the next season...
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