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    Coronavirus: Brentford Directors Contacting Older Fans

    I don't know if it is mentioned elsewhere, but the club are certainly doing their best to keep in contact with the supporters. Since the start of the lockdown I have received a telephone call from Cliff Crown and one from Stewart Purvis as a club initiative to make sure the over '70's are okay...
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    Programme Statistics

    I am not an anorak but I do feel that if we have a statistics page in our programme it should be up to date and complete. I cannot be the only one who is interested in our away attendances. In our away attendances section we have: Aston Villa tbc Derby County tbc Arsenal tbc...
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    Chris Long

    There must be an old thread but I cannot find it. Striker Chris Long has left Fleetwood Town after his contract with the League One club was terminated by mutual consent.
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    Bill Slater - Brentford FC - RIP

    Nothing on the official site of the sad death of Bill Slater, aged 91. Bill had two different periods at the club and played 12 games in total scoring 3 goals. His first period was as an amateur and the second as a professional, separated by about 11 years. He played over 300 games for Wolves...
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    Is anyone else totally underwhelmed by the forth coming World Cup - or any World Cup? I am already fed up with the pages of World Cup articles in the media and it has not started yet! I usually book to be away for at least two weeks of a World Cup but this year made an error and will be at...
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    3rd April 1953

    I have just realised that today is the 65th Anniversary of my first Brentford match. It was a 0 - 0 draw on Good Friday against Swansea Town. My Mum and Dad took me to GP and from that first game I was hooked. Anyone else remember this game? The team was : Newton, Horne Munro, Coote Bragg...
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    Pitch Size

    Was I the only one to think the pitch size has been reduced? On New Road the 'new' sideline was about four feet further in towards the centre circle and the Manager's area was enlarged too. The old markings were plainly visible. Whilst not going towards the Ealing Road end of New Road it...
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    Builder in Camberley

    Does any one know a good builder in Camberley? We want him to knock down a wall between the kitchen and dining room, plus a cupboard in the corner of the kitchen. it may need an RSJ but local houses claim to have done the same without the need for one. Early is better - the builder we were...
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    Cardiff City (H)

    I see that Cardiff tickets are on general sale now. I was told last night that they have sold out their allocation so it must be a worry that they buy in home stands. Not being nasty, but we have suffered with Cardiff fans in the past and should be wary if the above is true.
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    Brighton & HA (A) - NOW FRIDAY 5th Feb on Sky TV

    Bearing in mind the chaotic scenes getting away last season, is it possible to arrange a private supporters coach from Surrey which could park at the ground and leave immediately after the game? Must be worth looking in to!
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    Swindon Town Fined

    BBC Sports Report: 'Swindon have been fined £1,000 by the Football Association and "severely warned" about their future conduct over the signing of Jermaine Hylton. The League One side admitted they approached the player before informing his club, Redditch United...
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    Derby County, away, Saturday April 11th

    Yes! It's an early kick off. Yes! It's on TV. Yes! It's a medium'ish journey. But: We all need to get up there and give massive vocal support to the team. This time last season we would have been grateful for 4th from bottom and 50 points at this stage but, hey! we are close to the play...
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    Parking on Boxing Day

    From Hounslow Council web site; Parking restrictions over Christmas/New Year The enforcement team will still be out and about each day with the exception of Christmas Day. Traffic becomes very busy on most bank holidays and restrictions on yellow lines, bus stops, dropped kerbs and pavements...
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    21 Years Ago Today

    Newcastle United 5 Brentford 1 I remember it well! Joe Allon and Paul Stephenson (debut) played for the Bees against their former club. Before the game I was given a lift by a police van from the home end to the away end - the only time , so far, I have been in a police vehicle! A young kid...
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    Isn't it funny how matters change! For the last few seasons we have struggled with only a couple or three forwards. This season we had a glut: Clayton Farid Will Paul Hayes Luke Norris and Trotta signed early on Suddenly we have no choice for Saturday as Farid (loan), Norris (loan), Hayes...
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    Champagne moment v Oldham

    I can't see this thread so I hope it is okay to start one. I am minded to say the sunshine as I can't ever remember sun in Oldham even in August. However, I must go for the first goal - excellent cross ideal for Clayton to power into the net.
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    Nikki Bull

    Wycombe Wanderers report: "Meanwhile, goalkeeper Nikki Bull has left the club for "genuine footballing and personal reasons". Didn't he do that to Aldershot about 3 days before he signed for us?
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    Non-Bees games you've attended 2012-13 season

    Farnborough Town 1 Wycombe Wanderers 2. Really went to see ex-Bees Bull, Foster, Basey, Strevens, Wood but only Sammy Wood played. Stuart Beavon scored both Wycombe goals - the second superb- and their goalkeeper, Matt Ingram, only 18, looked very confident and competent. Sat with the father...
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    Everton - Liverpool

    Does anyone know if The Princess Royal has ESPN to watch the Merseyside FA Cup semi before Saturday's big match?
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    Injured or What?

    I know I have complained before about the lack of information coming out of the club but we asre still kept in the dark over injuries. For example what about the following players Kevin O'Connor - had a setback but when is he likely to be back? Marcus Bean - carried off at Scunthorpe...
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