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  1. Eieieio

    Randell Williams (Exeter City)

    RAM at Exeter City; we previously back in Jan 2019 were linked with Randell Williams, and apparently there are now a 'couple of clubs' in a 'higher division' that are interested in him. ( He had a good season at Exeter until lockdown and was their...
  2. Eieieio

    Brentford vs Stoke City - 3.01pm, 4th January (FA Cup 3rd Round)

    Why does this say it is kicking off at 3.01pm and not 3pm on the ticketing website? the tickets are very fairly priced, I assume we'll be playing mostly B teamers?
  3. Eieieio

    Sitting in Home End (Wembley) as an Away Fan?

    Hi all The mighty Malta are coming following their brilliant 5-1 home defeat last night to Scotland (they were robbed!). Anyway, being part Maltese I figured I'd go along and support Malta with my brother, and we were keen to sit with the Malta fans, however it turns out they have sold out...
  4. Eieieio

    Bees vs QPR in MADRID

    any ideas?
  5. Eieieio

    BBB - Bees Boro Bordeaux

    any takers?
  6. Eieieio

    Bees vs Boro in Paris

    Was a choice between coming back for this and coming back for the final.... so I'm banking on the final.... Any other Bees in Paris fancy joining me, I'll probably be at the Frog and Rosbif Pub in Etienne Marcel. Annoyingly there is a PSG match at the same time so not sure there'll be...
  7. Eieieio

    BBC Price of Football - how Brentford compares We look about average to be honest for the Championship, with bang on the average price for a season ticket. We seem to have a much narrower range of prices (for match tickets and season tickets) than other clubs, but then again I suppose given the nature...
  8. Eieieio

    Ghost Seats at Griffin Park

    Have noticed quite a few seats that are never available to reserve online (occasionally try to reserve for friends...), but that are rarely if ever filled during games. And these are in fairly 'prime' areas... example is in the middle of new road next to where we sit. There are 3 seats directly...
  9. Eieieio

    U6-U12 youth football - request!

    Hi guys, If you have a son playing in a team anywhere in West London/Middlesex in the above age groups could you get in touch or let me know below as I'll have a few questions for you I'd like some help on! Cheers!
  10. Eieieio

    Maracana matches

    Hi all, I'm in Brazil next week for work and had hoped to catch a match at the Maracana while I'm in Rio. Has anyone been and does anyone know how to get tickets? I've found it pretty hard to get information online. I will of course be sporting my Brentford shirt. Cheers!
  11. Eieieio

    Excel fixture list

    Has anyone made one that can be imported into the calender? Thanks!
  12. Eieieio

    City Hey Jude

    who sung this first us or city? watching the city villa match getting annoyed.
  13. Eieieio

    Interview with Warbs in tonight's evening standard

    Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere in advance (I checked, couldn't see it?) Whole page dedicated to the Bees in tonight's standard - or rather a repeat of other recent interviews focusing on his city boy to football manager switch. The highlight of the interview was Warbs saying we could...
  14. Eieieio

    Rotherham vs Bradford

    Well until 3.07pm on Saturday, this is the big match. Anyone else be watching this on Sky Sports 2 this evening? I imagine there will be some talk of the mighty Bees in the pre-match punditry. Predictions? I'm going for a 2-2 draw... UP THE BANTAMS!
  15. Eieieio

    Sky Coverage vs Orient

    Can anyone take us through what the pundits thoughts were pre-match / half-time and after the game? And especially if there was any discussion of the referee etc? Also how did we sound?!
  16. Eieieio

    Twitter Feed

    Could we perhaps have a page which publishes all tweets with the hashtag #brentfordfc? This would make it easier for those who are a) not on twitter and b) on twitter but spend all their time on the grapevine like me! ...... keep to to date with the latest comments, rumours (most of which are...
  17. Eieieio

    Coaching kids teams

    hey all - figured someone on here might be involved in coaching kids teams in the brentford - uxbridge area. pretty interested in getting involved/helping out once or twice a week so was wondering if anyone needed a hand basically! cheers!
  18. Eieieio

    Team vs. Walsall

    I'm excited about this one. The below assumes Dean and Forshaw are good to go and that Douglas is still out. Anyone got any updates on that? Sorry if I missed something :owusu: Button Bidwell Craig Dean McCormack Saville Forshaw Saunders Judge Donaldson Trotta If Forshaw is still out...
  19. Eieieio

    Kernaghan and Farrell Leave

  20. Eieieio

    profile photo/signature?

    i think I'm being dumb. how do i do this? i go to my profile page and can't find the right buttons to press...
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