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    Owning a piece of Griffin Park

    Just reading a comment in the gala dinner thread got me thinking about what's going to happen to Griffin Park mementos. Presumably there will be some sort of auction of parts of the stadium. Can't see elsewhere on the GPG, but have the club mentioned if this will happen? What part of the ground...
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    "92 Live" on SSN

    I've just switched this on. Anyone been following this today? Have they made it to Brentford yet? It was a bit dull after 15 minutes so I'm going back to the cricket (yes, that dull!).
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    Best season finale

    Thought I should get this thread done with before next weekend's glory. What's your favourite end of season finale Brentford game? I still have very fond memories of that Hull City game a few years back when they were promoted and we were guaranteed play offs. Allen makes the crazy decision to...
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    Managerial League Table

    Click here. Uwe 21st. One place above Rafa surprisingly!
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    Bees v Chelsea XI predictions, updates, reaction and reports

    Any ideas what kind of 'Chelsea XI' they will be putting out. Youth academy or reserves? Trying to decide if this is worth going to.
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    Most pointless loan signings 2006-2007

    There have been many, you could say. It's a close thing between Fola Onibuje and Dave Partridge. From what I only saw of him at Cheltenham he was a waste of space. Couldn't take his few chances. Partridge just edges it for me for simply ruining my day at Yeovil when he got himself sent off...
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    Chris Weale

    This might sound unreliable but... I went to the Yeovil game yesterday, whilst staying with some Yeovil season ticket holders. They sit next to Chris Weale's (2nd choice Yeovil keeper) mum, who claims that he will be going to Brentford. Couldn't be sure if this would be as a loan to cover...
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    Watching England v Macedonia

    Kick off for this game is as soon and we finish against Bristol City. I have never been drinking in Brentford properly, so can anyone suggest any pubs to watch the England game, other than the pubs near the ground? Cheers in advance
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    Nelson scores!

    This was a few seasons back, so hope it qualifies for 'Memory Lane'. I remember reading reports from the 2004-2005 season that when we played Peterborough away, Nelson scored from a goal kick. It was only disallowed because Burton was fouling the 'keeper! There's no footage of this on the...
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