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  1. Downbeat Bee

    Watching Brentford v Going to a Game

    I feel in a real quandry about whether to watch Brentford 'virtually' or go to live non-league games. Normally I'd do both but at present there is an overlap in times. While I will watch Brentford at home for me it is nowhere near going to a live game. Anyone torn on this? I may go for watching...
  2. Downbeat Bee

    Non Brentford Games Attended 2020-21

    I can't find a thread for this. No doubt if this is the first someone can gove it a 'funkier' title. Gillingham Town 3 Wincanton Town 2. £2 entrance. I counted about 87 there but you never can tell who is there in what capacity. A more mature crowd. Not a bad game. A few players appeared to...
  3. Downbeat Bee

    B Team Fees and Wages

    I am asking this as I have no idea but I also know the details are undisclosed. But what do we pay in terms of fees for players coming in? Also how much do we sell players for? I would imagine percentages of 'sell ons' would be a major factor. Also how much do B Team players get paid?
  4. Downbeat Bee

    Leyton Orient 0 Brentford 1 2014

    I've seen the goal and a bit of the rest played back before but not the whole game. Normally I find it difficult to watch games on 'TV' but I was engrossed by this. The game would be up there with the best experiences following Brentford. Very important, very tense. A couple of things struck...
  5. Downbeat Bee

    Griffin Park Tours

    Are there any plans to do some tours of the ground before it is no more? I would have thought a lot of people would be interested to have a last look behind the scenes.
  6. Downbeat Bee

    Things you never thought you'd see at Griffin Park

    A bloke flossing his teeth with one of those implements at today's game. I wondered what he was going to do next.
  7. Downbeat Bee

    18 August 2018

    Anyone going to any other games as a result of the free Saturday? i have considered everything from West Ham to FC Clacton.
  8. Downbeat Bee

    English Football League 2018-19

    Anyone know when next season starts? Can’t find details anywhere. Thanks if anyone knows.
  9. Downbeat Bee

    Most Important Performance of the Matthew Benham era

    Highly unoriginal thread but inspired by the goals one. George Saville in the vital Leyton Orient game for me.
  10. Downbeat Bee

    Boxing Day Games

    Anyone going to any other games either before the Aston’s Villa game or not able to go to Brentford in the evening but can go somewhere else during the day? Sherborne Town v Wincanton Town for me. Boxing Day evening not really a goer for me.
  11. Downbeat Bee

    Football Weekends - Brentford FC

    Good magazine generally but next issue features Brentford. Nothing you won't have seen before but one for the 'completists'.
  12. Downbeat Bee

    Opening Games

    My memory is going downhill but I was having a think about good and bad first games of the season. I did not go to the Plymouth one but that must be up there as a good one. Bournemouth 1990 was a decent game; Leyton Orient 1991 was a great one; I really enjoyed the Charlton one 2014 just to be...
  13. Downbeat Bee

    2016 Euros Stickers

    A couple of years ago there was quite a thread on World Cup stickers. Anyone collecting them this year? There must be about 1500 stickers this year.
  14. Downbeat Bee

    Worst Town / City for Football

    Which town / cities are the worst for standard of football teams v population. Guildford and Wakefield strike me straight away. Trowbridge would not be a great one either.
  15. Downbeat Bee

    Those Horrible Adidas Tracksuits

    How have adidas managed to get almost every team to wear those awful tracksuits? Add that to the iron on badges on everything and pretty shoddy merchandise and I can't help feeling adidas ain't what they were. (I fully accept there are more important things in the world at present and we've...
  16. Downbeat Bee

    Nottingham Forest Late 70s / Early 80s

    Unlike some on here I can only just about remember their days as European Champions. Read some stuff about a new film coming out - it does bring back to me just what a fantastic feat it was to win the league and then the European Cup twice. Got me flicking around YouTube and I watched highlights...
  17. Downbeat Bee

    International Break

    One downside of being in our league are the international breaks. 5 September looked a bad fallow Saturday until I saw Wincanton v Salisbury FC.
  18. Downbeat Bee

    Roberto Forzoni

    Our ex-coach appears to be doing some work as a magician.
  19. Downbeat Bee

    How dilapidated was Griffin Park?

    Read something about areas of the ground being fenced off pre-changes to Brook Road and New Road. Never heard that before. First attended Griffin Park a couple of years later. I am interested how bad the state of the ground actually was before the changes.
  20. Downbeat Bee

    Season Ticket Survey

    Is it part of a process to really ramp up the price of season tickets?
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