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    Looks a lot more than 2,000 there, is it me or am i anti Fulham?If there are more then they will f*** it up for everyone.
  2. West Wilts Bee

    Brian Burgess in Queens birthday honours list.

    Massive congratulations to Brian burgesss on his OBE. Very well deserved imo. Always remember how cool Brian was at the big council meeting the day we secured Lionel rd . very well done sir.
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    Sian Massey-Ellis MBE

    What a breath of fresh air this young lady is. Every time i have seen her officiating,she rarely gets a thing wrong. We need more like her, she is alert, knows what she is doing and is 100% focused. Unlike the likes of Keith Stroud , and so many incompetent lines persons that are half asleep...
  4. West Wilts Bee

    Using VAR in The Championship

    This is so needed. Thomas Frank is right. The playoffs is a massive finale to the teams involved in it.If Stroud is put in place to officiate, then we need cameras everywhere.truth is that are not good enough even in the championship. Time to introduce the technology so much more reliable than...
  5. West Wilts Bee

    Martin Allen on Push Up Brentford podcast

    Just listened to Martin Allen on the pushup Brentford podcast. Well worth a listen, I know that we are as a club in our greatest ever times, but it takes you back to the times that were financially our worst. But Martin is a joy to listen too.found it a bit emotional. I think Martin did as...
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    Lost Season ticket

    Last sat against Middlesboro I lost my season ticket. I rang the club on thursday to see if it had been handed in. To my surprise the lady said yes it had arrived on that day by post. In the hope that it it was a grapeviner or bees fan that took the trouble to hand it in via the royal mail...
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    We are innit together.

    :warbs:Bit of a reality check yesterday.But one thing I was impressed with was the bees fans. Things went against us very early, which made a comeback almost impossible. Yet our fans stayed with the team and showed we are all in this together. Keep supporting the lads. COYR.:warbs:
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    Ipswich Town - 26/12 KO 1pm - Returns Only

    Will we sell out V the tractor boys:sorted:
  9. West Wilts Bee

    South West Bees - Travel share to Griffin Park - 2014/15

    Quick Stab in the dark here But after the success of our fans that live deep in the South west , Devon / Cornwall. Do any of our fans, or how may of our fans are interested in an Avon , Wiltshire, Berkshire, area for traveling to gp next season. ?
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    Brentford FC - End of Season Trip - Las Vegas

    The boys are on their way to Las Vegas:sorted:
  11. West Wilts Bee

    Tony Hateley RIP

    Just found out that Tony Hately has passed away. Scorer of around 200 goals , he was lethal in the air. RIP
  12. West Wilts Bee

    Will Tuesdays game, v Bristol City, be on?

    What do you think Guys? Pissing down with rain here, and it has been like this all day. Anyone in TW8 let us know what it's like there. I reckon there is a good chance it will be called off.
  13. West Wilts Bee

    Happy New Year Matthew Benham

    I am now in my 52nd year of supporting the Bees. and in that time I have never witnessed the quality and the style of football that we are watching now. I am sure that I echo all fans, but we owe a fantastic amount of thanks to Matthew Benham, without him we would be watching a club fighting it...
  14. West Wilts Bee

    D day the 5th December who is going

    Well hear we are now gang, anyone that listened to Stephen Gowens Speech last night, must know how important this meeting is to the future of our football club. I will start the ball rolling. I hate Meetings, but I want this club to go on long after I am dead and buried. Mods sorry if this...
  15. West Wilts Bee

    Brentford FC - New Academy at Uxbridge High School

    UXBRIDGE ACADEMY BUILDING ALMOST READY Posted: Fri 08 Nov 2013 Author: Chris Wickham Finishing touches being added to indoor facility at Uxbridge High School The new indoor sports facility at Uxbridge High School that will be used by Brentford Football Club’s Academy and students at the school...
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    Match Reports & Reactions v Carlisle United

    I will be the first negative gpg **** then shall I ? Foe weeks now we have been sailing through turbulent waters, and in this last week we have lost two games against two sh*te sides. I do not blame the players , after all most of them don't know which game they are playing in. So well done...
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    Gordon Sweetzer.

    In the match day programme V Oldham, there is a really good spread on Gordon Sweetzer in the where are they now section. To any one that does not know, or has ever heard of Gordon, he made 88 appearances for the bees scoring 45 goals. I happened to see his first goal when he came on as sub away...
  18. West Wilts Bee

    Hard FI .At Bristol Uni.

    Any bees fans especially in the SW going to this gig on Sunday25th sept. £20 a ticket straight to the letter box, bloody good value IMO. really looking forward to it. I never thought I would see the day that I go to a gig with my Son,and my Daughter. If your reading this Richard, you can stand...
  19. West Wilts Bee

    Pre Season for fat bastards

    Just a bit of light hearted fun, after all the what year will we eventually get a manager? I intend to get a smaller Bees shirt next season. To do this, I will have to do a pre season. Currently I am a 16 and a half stone fat bastard , more sixty than fifty, and need to sort myself out. Any...
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    Come on all you bees fans, cheer the lads into the next round. This is a big game for the players and fans alike. From what I can gather there are about 1200 going at the moment. Lets target 2,500 and show the brum scum what supporting a football league team is all about. Real football real...
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