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  1. Frothybaby

    Team v QPR (A)

    Raya Dalsgaard Pinnock/Reid MBS Henry Janelt Jensen JDS Fosu Toney Canos Subs: Daniels, Roeslev, Reid/Goode, Ghoddos, Mbeumo, Forss, Zamburek, Pressley, Bidstrup/Haygarth Hope I haven't left anyone obvious out like the last time...
  2. Frothybaby

    Team v Barnsley

    Raya Roeslev Pinnock Sorenson Henry Janelt JDS Jensen Bryan Toney Canos Subs Daniels, Dalsgaard, Reid, Ghoddos, Stevens, Zamburek, Forss, Haygarth, Don't know if enough subs as I can never remember how many is allowed. Depending on the score...
  3. Frothybaby

    20-21 Fixtures

    I can't find mention of fixtures elsewhere so have a butcher's here.
  4. Frothybaby

    B-Team Production

    I was wondering at what point this idea becomes successful, if it isn't already. There is the Rob Rowan debut board but is that enough to be a success. When you look at the list of debuts (I think 19) the obvious success is Mepham. Not just for the games played (started) but also the money it...
  5. Frothybaby

    Tickets for Leeds (including swaps)

    Got three tickets for Leeds, but just found out I needed four. Will they be releasing other tickets nearer date?
  6. Frothybaby

    team v brizzle

    Tough one. Raya Dalsgaard,Jeanvier, Pinnock, Henry. , Kamo, DaSilva, Jensen, Benhrama, Watkins, Mbuemo Subs: Daniels, Norgaard, Jansson, Roerslev, Thompson, Valencia, Zamburek The elelphant in the room is Marcondez. How up to speed is he? DaSilva looks shot. Maybe...
  7. Frothybaby

    Team v Swans

    Raya Dalsgaard Pontus Ethan Rico DaSilva Norgard Jensen Mbeumo Watkins Benrahma Subs: Daniels Thompson Jeanvier Zamburek Valencia Moko
  8. Frothybaby

    Team v W12

    Any reason not to put out the team that started against Swansea? Maybe get some time for B team for the second half, once comfortably ahead.
  9. Frothybaby

    Team v Hull

    Difficult as I don't know how far off Kamo or Benrahma are. If fitt would have thought bench but not starting, so probably have to go with same lineup as last Saturday with Racic replacing Pinnock. Raya Racic Jansson Jeanvier...
  10. Frothybaby

    Team v Sheff Utd

    Daniels Konsa Jeanvier Barbet Dalsgaard Sawyers Moko Moses Canos Maupay Benrahma Subs: Pat Mads Forss Watkins MacLeod Marcondes NB I presume Bentley and Rico are injured still. If JJ is out then Mads in his place. PS wouldn't be surprised to see...
  11. Frothybaby

    Team v M'boro

    Bentley Konsa JJ Barbet Canos Moko Sawyers Moses Watkins Maupay Benrahma Subs: Balcombe Sorensen DaSilva MaEachren Dalsgaard Forss Oksanen I want Canos to start and be an attacking option as many think we will lose, so why don't we see if we can get a...
  12. Frothybaby

    Bees v Forest predictions

    Their form isn't great, but better at home and bedding in O'Neil still. I think it will be tight even considering our excellent form. They really wont want to lose at home and would take a draw, but we will have that bit extra you get when a young team is confident. 1-2 to the good guys.
  13. Frothybaby

    Team v Forest

    Not the uncertainty of previous games, but I'd take that for the reliability on this excellent run. Bentley Konsa JJ Barbet Moses Sawyers Moko Rico Watkins Maupay Benrahma Subs: Daniels, Mads, Dalsgaard, Canos, Forss, Ogbene, DaSilva...
  14. Frothybaby

    Team v Barnet

    Don't see any reason to change from last game, unless it's to give Canos a start or Moses a start. I would continue with Bentley, his confidence is returning. I know Josh DaSilva could do but I would rather try a win the game early and then give game time to younger players or rest key ones...
  15. Frothybaby

    Non-League Barnet v Brentford predictions

    Our second away win, 0-2. Nothing easy but a quality early goal and a late counter-attack goal sees us into the next round.:bound:
  16. Frothybaby

    Team v Rotherham

    Bentley Konsa JJ Barbet Moses Kamo Sawyers Rico Watkins Maupay Said Subs Daniels Mepham Dalsgaard McEachren DaSilva Forss/Hardy Struggling to think of players still with us!
  17. Frothybaby

    Bees v Oxford predictions

    I am going for a 3-1 victory. Not easy but we take mroe opportunities to score than they do.
  18. Frothybaby

    Team v Norwich

    Bit late and don't know if much point, but think TF will put out: Bentley Konsa Jeanvier Barbet Dalsgaard Henry Moko Sawyers Benrahma Maupay Watkins
  19. Frothybaby

    Team v Brum

    Bentley Konsa Jeanvier Barbet Dalsguard Henry Sawyers Moko Watkins Maupay Benrahma Daniels Moses Dasilva Sergi Judge MacEachren Sorensen
  20. Frothybaby

    Derby v Brentford team

    Bentley Dalsgaard Konza Mepham Barbet MacEachren Sawyers McLeod Benrahma Maupay Watkins Subs Daniels Forss Moses Moko Clarke Yennaris
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